Silicon Valley investor emailed voting instructions to CEOs

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Remember, Money Is Free Speech! More Money=More Free Speech! One Dollar, One Vote!


At least he’s against the anti-Airbnb prop, right?

::ducks inevitable SF resident flamewar::


I don’t see this as a problem; I don’t see a threat, even an implicit threat attached. I mean, we’ve seen business owners announce that if Obama wins, everybody gets laid off. Now that’s a problem.

My newspaper, the local Republican and Democratic parties, and the cranky guy down the block are all happy to tell me how to vote. It’s perfectly legal, and ethical too, as long as I am free to ignore them.

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Think for yourself. That’s an order!


So “two dollar me no hollar”…

My Mom told me tales of living in Quebec when voting in the provincial elections was by property values. So people who owned homes or property got votes based on their propery, like… $1000 = 1 vote or some such. Renters got one vote. Married couples who owned together got to share the votes. She said when they got to the polls they handed them a literal stack of monopoly money, so she went around and put a little money/vote in each ballot box, as a protest over how stupid it was.

Money = votes, sometimes even monopoly money.


It’s kinda gross. This person is materially invested in your company, those people aren’t. Not that they will know how you voted anyways.

Also, as someone from an area that is slowly, begrudgingly, maybe moving towards ranked ballots, to see them recommend people just put the same name for all three rankings makes me sad.


I’ve never heard of property value related voting rights in Quebec, do you know what years your mother lived in Quebec? As you might’ve guessed, Google is only giving me links dealing with the referendum and featuring Parizeau’s timeless quote.

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Early 60s in Trois Riverier - it could have been just the city election?

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So how many of those receiving such a list would just vote the opposite because someone had just told them how to vote… or is that just me?

Not just you, and that’s the thing- absent the coercion of having someone in the booth making sure everyone votes the “correct” way, this is blowing hot air which everyone can easily ignore. If I got an email like this I would laugh at someone wasting that much of their own time writing it. Of all the political shenanigans that go on, this one ranks up there with… any other political spam email. Not sure how this rated a blog post.

I dunno, but I’ll be sure to ask my mother-in-law about it. Thanks for info!

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This is what Libertarians sincerely believe will give us Freedom.

Deregulate all the things! No Laws No Masters!


One problem does not make the other not a problem.

And there is no implicit threat behind newspaper suggestions.

This, right here, is the reason we have, and the reason we need, a secret ballot!

Women didn’t even get the right to vote in provincial elections in Quebec till 1944. So yeah, that kind of weirdness is unsurprising. But even outside of Quebec, the right to vote seems to have been linked to both property ownership status, and income level in some cases:

Speaking to the OP: this isn’t surprising. Guys like this always think they have the right to decide who people should vote for. My company’s founder/old-CEO (now gone, thank the Sky Muppet) popped his head into our room during the last federal election that Jack Layton was running in, warning us that if any of us planned on voting NDP, we’d better get used to the idea of commuting to Buffalo. Because he refused to run a company in a country run by “that man” (referring to Jack). We all had a good chuckle and shook our heads, as he was prone to this kind of ridiculous outburst.


How can this possibly be legal?

Or freedom for the rich, but not the rest of us, who will be subject to the whims of corporate behemoths who can do as the please.


To write an email asking someone to vote a certain way in the upcoming election? And then pass along his suggestions? It’s free and protected free speech in the US. And as some have noted, there is no way he could even hold anyone accountable because our ballots are secret.

At least he’s subjected to taxes (how much, I’m not sure). Some “churches” offer these suggestions even when they’re specifically prohibited in doing so in order to keep their tax-exempt status.

Just like your crazy relative, you simply say: “Thanks. I’ll pass them on.” And then don’t.