Paul Ryan selfie with congressional interns


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What’s the homeopathic remedy posted last month for snowblind?


Which one is the dupe?


Just remember, to all you unlucky ones out there, that’s our word:


I’m from Utah, where it is not unusual to get on a bus and see no one but WASPs, and this looks really white even by our standards.


Just take any or all of them. Same effect.


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I’ve always been amused by people leaning into group shots. Especially when it’s unwarranted. But this one is almost dizzying - it seems the people in the centre couldn’t decide which way to lean.


Another duplicate?

My, there’s a real lack of diversity in these boing posts, isn’t there?


I think the ones in the middle are trying to lean out from behind their boss, not being able to properly map the lines of sight from the phone past his head to their own face.


That’s really weird. Isn’t Utah strongly Mormon? What are the odds of every person being protestant?


Actually there are three primary branches of Christianity: Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. So Mormons are considered Protestants.


Read it and weep liberals! You are all complaining about nothing!!!

ETA: See Poe’s Law


Three major branches. But that doesn’t mean they belong to a major branch.
There are several smaller branches. Mormons more properly belong to one of those. Even if LDS branched from protestant, that doesn’t mean they are, any more than protestants branching from catholic mean they are really catholic.


That must be the one black person that Trump knows.


Always thought there were only two branches of Christianity. One thinks that everyone can be saved and the other thinks only certain people can be saved.


That link is shows a rather liberal ruling for Arkansas. Southern Baptists often don’t even consider Mormons Christian.



That’s some nightmare fuel.