Just look at the diversity in this Paul Ryan selfie!


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How long before someone points out that there are two non-white people in that picture and claims that makes everything OK?


I was gonna say, I see maybe two, but one looks Hawaiian and I can’t tell if the other is really a person - it could be a chair-back? #LowRez


It’s almost like playing Where’s Waldo…only harder


Does one senator have that many interns, or did he collect them from other congresscritters for the photo?


To be fair, those aren’t just his interns.


I do suspect they’re all Republican interns though.


Probably. They have that Republican smile.



Other question: is it that racist GOPers only hire white people, or that no sane person of colour will work for the Klan?

(cue “why not both?” GIF)


This is just foul. And yet they sit and claim it’s Democrats who are causing racial tensions and divisions…


He brought them all together so that they could all line up and kiss his narrow ass.


So, we have:
A group of young people who can afford to work without pay.
A group of young people who can afford to live in DC while working without pay.
A group of young people who have the connections to get the very sought after congress jobs
And on top of that, they’ve chosen to work for Republican congresscritters.

Yeah, there’s no way that this group is going to show breadth of any sort. It’s just nomenklantura with American characteristics.


No, I think it’s a Diglett.



The photo of Obama’s White House interns is almost as white.

I know Frauenfelder singled out Ryan because Ryan’s GOP, but the real problem is that the intern programs are structurally racist. They’re unpaid positions and require a recommendation. That culls minorities before they even apply.


…if you can look at that and see something “almost as white” as the Ryan picture, your calibration for “almost as white” is set REALLY low.

Is that group mostly white? Yep. Too white? Sure. Within 5-10% of the whiteness of Ryan’s picture (which is 100% white)? NOPE.

It doesn’t need to be an either/or scenario, right? BOTH things can be happening (and are).


Seriously. Who can afford to work in DC, or anywhere, without pay?


Indeed. Even Clinton wouldn’t have the stamina.


How you figure? I count at least 15 people in Obama’s photo who definitely have dark skin, and quite a few others of various non-caucasian backgrounds. Ryan’s photo has, what, one or two people who look like they could be Asian?

No. Not even close.

ETA: I’m not disputing the point that internship programs as a group are structurally racist. However it’s clear that one party has taken at least some steps to address it, while the other doesn’t even see it as a problem in the first place.


“They’re really up our ass about that picture!! You told me you put the word out to our black contingent!!”

“I did sir!”


“He changed his phone number and e-mail, sir. He’s left the party.”

“God damn it…Dennis was so fucking cool. He…he called me ‘bro’ once, did I ever tell you that?” (sobbing)