The faces of congress, averaged




Isn't there online software for this? something that creates a semblance of a human face?


Surprisingly it doesn't look at all like an asshole.


Dunno, looks pretty assholeish to me.


Congress is old, white and male?


Looks like Antonin Scalia.


I agree. My immediate thought was that it was Scalia!


Looks like congress has a weight problem.


That's not an average, it's literal; blurry on the issues, trying to hide something, not showing their true face. It's a perfect portrait.


Scalia or Pete Rose with a crew cut.


Congress = Rush Limbaugh?


Imagine how much whiter it would have been without Boehner tipping the scale.


The median is used - so if the ratio was 48% black, 4% white, 48% albino, the picture would be of a white person.


I'd love to see this compared to an averaged face of the American people.
(My guess: browner, more ladies).


That's the guy that robbed me officer, your sketch artist is a genius. I recognize him even without the big red rubber nose & greasepaint.


This totally reminds me of a friend of mine who has worked (tangentially, as a staffer) in high level Canadian politics, and who I could totally see as a congressman one day.


Memorise this face. Learn to hate it.

I want you to picture this smarmy visage every time you have a shit.


What if it's in focus? Go Greendale Human Beings!


Whatever happened to the gaunt, hungry faces of congressmen who spent all their time considering the nation's future?


... but it isn't.