The faces of congress, averaged




Isn’t there online software for this? something that creates a semblance of a human face?


Surprisingly it doesn’t look at all like an asshole.


Dunno, looks pretty assholeish to me.


Congress is old, white and male?


Looks like Antonin Scalia.


I agree. My immediate thought was that it was Scalia!


Looks like congress has a weight problem.


That’s not an average, it’s literal; blurry on the issues, trying to hide something, not showing their true face. It’s a perfect portrait.


Scalia or Pete Rose with a crew cut.


Congress = Rush Limbaugh?


Imagine how much whiter it would have been without Boehner tipping the scale.


The median is used - so if the ratio was 48% black, 4% white, 48% albino, the picture would be of a white person.


I’d love to see this compared to an averaged face of the American people.
(My guess: browner, more ladies).


That’s the guy that robbed me officer, your sketch artist is a genius. I recognize him even without the big red rubber nose & greasepaint.


This totally reminds me of a friend of mine who has worked (tangentially, as a staffer) in high level Canadian politics, and who I could totally see as a congressman one day.


Memorise this face. Learn to hate it.

I want you to picture this smarmy visage every time you have a shit.


What if it’s in focus? Go Greendale Human Beings!


Whatever happened to the gaunt, hungry faces of congressmen who spent all their time considering the nation’s future?


… but it isn’t.