Portrait of Democratic Party's congressional interns


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The Ryan photo looks like he was at the Latter Day Saints general conference.


I wonder how much of this has to do with the racial makeup of the Congressional districts themselves, and ultimately with gerrymandering.


The juxtaposition of those two really does show that, yes, the Republican Party is the party of white people.


It’s all related, sure, but also shows that people of color are less likely to be Republicans… or at least less likely to land (unpaid) choice gigs with the Republican power elite.


It’s really more like a audience at a Mumford & Sons concert



According to RJ Khalaf, an intern for Congressman André Carson (D-Ind.), Ryan’s speech was part of the Congressional Summer Intern Lecture Series.

Khalaf says that Ryan’s speech had a limited capacity, so interns were randomly selected to attend in a lottery. The interns in the picture work for congresspeople of both parties, he says.


So, how hard could it be to get a Republican intern “class picture” like the one the Dems did, to properly shut down the narrative? There isn’t one here either:


This strikes me as a similar answer to the question regarding the lower numbers of women employed in the tech sector; the lazy explanation is that there aren’t enough talented applicants, but that doesn’t really get at the root of the issue, does it?


Obama’s 2009 White House interns look much more like Ryan’s. I don’t recall you criticizing that photo.


Even if true, it appears that only white interns were interested in attending a Ryan speech.


Also what non white person wants to go to a Paul Ryan speech? Hell I am so white I can blind people with it if I take off my shirt and I wouldn’t go see that.


There is literally no way this is true. Every single one of those interns, Democratic or Republican, is there because they’re highly ambitious (I applied to be one, it is a highly selective process) - they’d love to be able to say they attended every lecture in the Summer Series.


Is that seriously the best you can come up with? That’s a much smaller group and it STILL has far more people of color than the Ryan photo.


Whatever the selection process it’s clear the Ryan photo doesn’t show a representative sample of interns from both parties. As noted, the Democratic interns simply aren’t that white.


Probably not the best, but the easiest. (The photo is cropped so I’m not sure how many people are actually there.) Two is not exactly “far more” by any standard. But we all know how this works.

Anyway, maybe more whites are interested in that sort of work. I’m glad to see diversity but if BB is going to call out one side, they need to be fair. You all want fair, right? (Yeah didn’t think so, either)


I see at least five dark-skinned people in the Obama photo and several more of various other ethnicities (not counting the President). Try again.

This is a Fox News fallacy: if you ever notice a problem with the Republicans, you HAVE to call out the Democrats for the same thing whether they are guilty of it or not.


I’d like the truth, actually.


The point of my post was to show that the “narrative” as you call it of the Ryan photo is based on a untruth. He took a photo of people attending his speech of which he had no control of who would be in that room at the time.


“Hey, it’s not MY fault if my message, platform and party have exactly zero appeal to non-white people.”