Paul Ryan's Democratic challenger is a veteran, an iron-worker, union organizer, cancer survivor and Berniecrat

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Paul Ryan’s Democratic challenger is a veteran, an iron-worker, union organizer, cancer survivor and Berniecrat

What’s not to love, I ask you…


This dude is my hero for the day. Also Paul Ryan can go get bent



Any money left after the Georgia 6th race??

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But he’ll lose anyway because Republicans are shameless and voters are dumb.


Um, really though?..Democratic consultants - if we’re talking about the DNC - don’t seem to be able to engineer anything but mealy-mouthed bullshit.


Now I wonder whether there are any statistics on lawmakers and facial hair.

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More like him please.


Eisenhower or Stalin? Enquiring minds want to know.

I’m not so sure. GOP voters may be dumb but a lot of them now vaguely grasp the consequences of the return of higher premiums and of being denied coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions. This guy seems to be making health insurance the centrepiece of his campaign, and his Real Murican™ credentials are pretty unassailable. It’s worth a shot, if only because taking down Ryan would be a huge win for the Dems.


“It’s hard to imagine how the Democrats could craft a better two-minute argument for white workers in the Midwest to return to their political roots.”


THIS guy, y’all. Even if he doesn’t win this particular election, a few more like him can begin to change the DNC to something people can once again get behind.


“Hello, I am a person who, when I am not a politician, does work much like you do or did before China as a cheap source of labor ended the idea of manufacturing jobs. I similarly organize for a union which provided you with an acceptable standard of living before said end of manufacturing jobs and I represent the party which, traditionally, is for not fucking you over specifically. My opponent has been working in DC since 92.”


Already making uncomfortable waves with democrats who have no good reason to criticize him. And as bad as this article is, the quote from the GOP spokesman in the article is hilariously awful:


I’m excited to see how Trump insults and defames him. I’m sure I’ll be very upset.

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I would vote for Galactus, Devourer of Worlds on the verge of turning Earth into a midnight munchie over Paul Ryan.


I’m not so sure. The GOTP and their followers have gone directly after combat experienced veterans, including those that made the ultimate sacrifice, in the most disrespectful way and it doesn’t seem to hurt their ‘brand’. You once thought that would be pretty unassailable but, lo, they have proven to have the integrity below the lice on a sewer rat.

Still, nailing Ryan would be sweat like chocolate!


I have to agree. I can just see – he’s a traitor because something made up about his military service, he lazy because he didn’t start his own business, he just wants to sit in Washington doing nothing, etc., etc., etc. It has worked SO many times.


That’s why the major fuck-you provisions of the AHCA aren’t scheduled to kick in until after the midterms.

But you’re right: only when they’re holding that tangible piece of paper telling them they’ve lost their insurance, or their premiums are going through the roof, will the Republican base finally realize they’ve been duped.

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