Paul Ryan warns Republicans (again): "If we nominate Trump, we are going to lose" (video)

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It must be nice for this Randroid looter that the worst consequence he can imagine if Biff is nominated is that his party of greedpigs will lose power.


“Us?” Translation: Ryan is a RINO, a Democrat even. It’s Trump vs. the world, stupid.


If Trump can win your party’s primary, but not the general election, then the problem isn’t Trump it’s your party.


I fully support the GOP continuing to nominate unelectable candidates everywhere they can.


I think Trump’s kind of a drag on our ticket. I think Donald Trump gives us problems, politically

Says the tool that found Florida Man good enough to help get his BS tax cuts to the finish line, then left town a happy man leaving the rest of us to deal with Florida Man.

Yeah, piss off you weak, little man.


“But hey, if he could win, carry on…”


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I wonder how likely it is that Trump will get the nomination - it still seems not just possible but quite likely. I know former allies are distancing themselves from him, but they’re also the sort of people who would return to sucking up in an instant if he was the Republican candidate. I don’t know that even DeSantis has Trump’s appeal* - I think a significant number of conservative voters will go either with Trump or no one.

*But this is quite difficult for me to tell, as both have extreme negative appeal from my point of view.


Trump may get the nomination due to his fanatical base of loyal supporters but guaranteed he will split the party in the general election.

While I expect very few Republicans to hold their nose and vote Democrat (that would be heresy!), a large number will simply sit out the election - which has the added benefit of hurting down ballot races. (Paul Ryan knows this hence his warning).

But hell…what do I know? We’re already through the looking glass here people.

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didn’t ryan get the memo? republicans have given up on winning elections. going forward they’re just going to keep trying to steal elections either outright, or via ever more extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.


Loser warns losers if they nominate a loser they will lose.


Lose what? Their tax breaks?

Biden seems content to let them stay the way they are. :man_shrugging:

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He’s already partially rolled them back. Even more impactful: he closed several of the more common billionaire/corporate tax dodges.

Biden ain’t perfect, but give him credit for the positive changes he has made.


A free tub of carwax for Joe it is then.


Turtle Wax or GTFO! :wink:


If Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination, he’ll start his own party.

Oh no!


The place where I disagree with this quote from Ryan, is where he says Trump won’t get the GOP nomination. I think this is conservatives whistling past the graveyard that Trump is making of their dreams, by continuing to rip the mask off the core ugliness of their whole worldview.

I’m pretty sure Trump will get the nomination. And not because he’s any better in most ways than everyone else is running. I think they’re all awful, but Trump’s clearly the worst in every category but one: the number and intensity of his supporters.

No other GOPer comes near that amount of support. It’s without a doubt the largest bloc within the GOP. The only way the other candidates could keep Trump from getting the nomination would be to put their separate ambitions aside and unite around one person. I sure don’t see that happening. It’s all a big grift at this point - and staying in as long as possible even when they know they don’t have a chance to win, will drastically increase their future incomes in books, TV punditry and the lecture circuit.

I do thankfully agree with the second part of Ryan’s assessment, that Trump will go on to lose to Biden. No complacency of course. But as long as the sane majority gets out to vote in blue and swing states, Trump is going to lose even harder than he did in 2020,

And then we might even get the schadenfreudeliciousness of Trump demanding a recount in every state he lost, so we can see him lose again and again.


If he is the nominee (barring a serious illness he probably will be, driven by spite and ego) we do have to prepare for more blatant attempts to undermine the electoral and democratic processes from both his followers and the GOP. Another Jan 6 insurrection isn’t off the table, either.


For sure.