Almost a quarter of Republicans think Trump shouldn't be the GOP nominee

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Republicans are pinning their hopes on 2 words:


So… you’re saying that three quarters of Republicans are criminal, incompetent, or criminally incompetent? Yes, sounds about right.


They’re still gonna’ turn out to vote for him though.


That isn’t going anywhere. Especially when the Inspector General report already killed it off. Another one of those “grand jury lacks enough to indict” sort of things

We concluded that the FBI’s decision to open Crossfire Hurricane and the four
related individual investigations was, under Department and FBI policy, a
discretionary judgment call and that the FBI’s exercise of discretion was in
compliance with those policies. For the reasons described below, we found that
each investigation was opened for an authorized purpose and, in light of the low
threshold established by Department and FBI predication policy, with adequate
factual predication. We also found that the FBI satisfied the DIOG’s notification and
approval requirements for designating Crossfire Hurricane and the four related
individual investigations as SIMs.


It is too early to seriously go out and get people to vote as we humans tend to have short attention spans and tire of of repeated messages easily but you can rest assured that Trump’s cult will be out in full force in November. We just need to do all we can to encourage those who are concerned about a second Trump term to go to the polls. Mid to late October is when we should get serious. The second term for any president is the time to enact unpopular policy. A second Trump term will see an accelerating trend of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and American freedom becoming a distant memory


I keep imagining Trump blatantly stealing a second term, and the Democrats rolling over, claiming it would be too hard, too divisive to contest it, that because it’s his second term technically, maybe it’s legal, opinions differ, we’re looking into it, it’s all very difficult, you understand.

And then trying to talk tough for 4 more years about how if he tries to steal a third term, boy howdy then he’s gonna hear it from us, you better believe! Term limits! It’s unheard of! smoking gun!

meanwhile Trump PR/Fox News: “Bloomberg did it first!”

[Rolling over intensifies]


And ultimately that’s one thing I can kind of grudgingly understand about their philosophy. I fervently wish I had someone other than Biden to vote for, yet I’ll definitely be voting for Biden unless something very surprising happens between now and November. Having more than two parties would be lovely.


The Know-Nothing 27% is a permanent feature of political life. In the U.S. they’re always going to vote GOP, no matter how unsuitable and/or repugnant the candidate. They make up about half of Republican voters, and (despite the chin-stroking concern of “centrists”) they’re a write-off.

That leaves us with about half of the remaining Republican voters who might be salvageable. Of that 50%, subtract 5%: the multi-millionaires who are always going to vote Republican for the tax breaks and other corporate welfare even if they don’t like Biff. These short-sighted greedheads are not going to be convinced to vote for a Dem, even a neoliberal-lite one like Uncle Joe. More write-offs.

That still leaves a lot of GOP voters to work with. Peel off just 5% of them in the key swing states* and the Dems can make their margin in what have become tight national races. They don’t have to vote for the Dem candidate, but they can be convinced to stay home or to waste their vote on the Libertarian candidate rather than vote for this deranged narcissist. They’re a part of quarter of Republicans discussed in this poll; we need to know more about who they are and why they think Il Douche shouldn’t be the nominee.

[* less if more disengaged liberal and progressive voters out to the polls, but that’s not going to happen this year with Business-As-Usual Biden]


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I wonder what percentage of Democrats think Biden shouldn’t be their nom…


I’m reminded that Neo-Nazi, who regularly wore a Nazi uniform since the 1960’s, ran on the GOP ticket in a Chicago congressional district in 2018 got over 56,000 votes.

Now I don’t think all those voters are sympathizers of his worldview, and most likely they just voted for the name next to the R without knowing anything about who they were voting for. It is pretty worrisome regardless of the reason.


Based on the primaries, I’d say about 20%. I do think a lot of them can be convinced to hold their noses in November, though. The question is, will the GOP be able to do the same with that quarter of their electorate.


Too late. I know there is a faction of Republicans who want him out, specially the Lincoln Project (Who Kelly Ann Conway’s husband is involved with. Wow. To be a fly on that wall.) But the majority have hitched their wagons to that jackass and holding onto the reins while he steers off a cliff.

Keep fucking that chicken, as they say.


Isn’t it worth making sure as many people as possible are properly registered to vote, well in advance?



Beware of Rasmussen “surveys” - among the various houses of polling they’ve always had the award for “the result the client pays for”. OK, that snark having being typed, concoct any fraction you like to fill in “Almost a <floating point> of Republicans think Trump shouldn’t be the GOP nominee” wad that up and see if you can hit the bin from here. Let’s say 79.3% (margin of error: 3%) of Republicans think trump is a strategically shaved stink-ape, but that they’ll say nothing, change nothing, continue to support trump as if the opposite were true; and you’ve discovered George Carlin’s “disease which lacks all symptoms”. harrumph

Funny. 75% of Dems think Biden shouldn’t be our nominee.


I think a lot of those voters agree with the worldview. David Duke, former grand wizard of the KKK, got over 600,000 votes in Louisiana twice and then did better than Ross Perot in the 1992 republican presidential primary. It has always been a part of the party

^as an aside Duke changed from supporting trump in 2016 to endorsing Tulsi Gabbard for 2020 (so I guess he is part of the 23%)


Counter point… :wink: