Paula Abdul falls off the stage during her concert Saturday night in Mississippi

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They’re watching me, watching me fall.

Now do you see what happens when you film in portrait mode?
Do you see it?


I once saw Eric Burdon fall off a stage at a concert, but it wasn’t from leading a clapalong.


Well, Weird Al has admitted to falling off stage Sure, he was probably wearing a fat suit and, really, that’s gotta make things tricky. At least he’s bouncy at that point…

Saw the Foo Fighters a couple years ago, a month or so after Dave Grohl fell off a stage and broke his leg. He was on the amazing throne he had built so they could keep the tour going.

I’m glad Paula seems to have been unhurt!


TIL people will still pay to see Paula Abdul. :thinking: The 80’s are alive! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Spieguh: Grohl is not one to let a crowd down. That throne is simultaneously glorious and hilarious.

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I guess you could say she went… Straight Down :sunglasses:

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I just realized this would have been perfect for the song “Opposites Attract”.

“I take–2 steps forward
I take–2 steps back
We come togethaaaaaaaaaaa”

Seriously, though, hope she is ok.

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