Pauly Shore shares Ben Stiller's 'Encino Man' screen test

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Saw Pauly Shore do standup at his mom’s club once. It was…. just sad.


I am 100% convince Pauly Shore only ever had any sort of career because of who his mom is. He was never funny, and I say that as someone who was the right age to think him and his “Hey, Buuuuddy” schtick was funny at the time. I have heard Encino man was actually fun (mainly due to Fraser) but never saw it because Shore turns me off. YMMV.


Yup, 100% the only reason. Without his mom, he’s just another SoCal teen burnout who threw his life away instead of going to school and doing something. Encino Man was decent in spite of him, not because of him, that’s for sure.


Upon reflection, Pauly Shore actually manages to be an even worse type of nepo-baby: he went into a field with zero chance of inherited talent - but everyone else in the field owed his parents favors for their own success.


Having coincidentally just caught Encino Man airing on TV just last week I can agree that it’s a pretty fun movie for what it is and Fraser definitely steals the show, despite having very few lines; being a neanderthal and all.


It’s true, but Pauly Shore is totally aware of it, and even made a movie lampooning himself for it! I enjoyed it personally, but I like weird dumb humor sometimes. It’s called Pauly Shore is Dead, I think it cost me $2 on Amazon to watch it.

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