Payday lenders switched their trade show to a Trump hotel and sent Trump at least a million bucks, then he gave them carte blanche to make billions preying on poor people

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I just can’t post another obligatory “the cruelty is the point” meme at this point.



I will say this only once.

Anyone who has read my comments knows that I hate Donald Trump intensely for my own personal reasons exacerbated by the extreme history that has been national news on my own doorstep.

I voted for Obama and he was at least on the surface everything I wanted from a president but there are many things he did I find atrocious such as not closing Guantanamo and continuing the war on terror.

But he did much deep good for both my country and our soul.

Trump is destroying much of the good and basic decency the world built up at a fundamental level. I am not religious but if there was anyone in this age at least then I could consider the Antichrist it is him for things like this.

I live and work amongst fools and bigots as well as good people but I feel he has normalized evil and cruelty at a level I have never seen before. With things like this


I would be curious to learn whom the Dichters voted for . . .

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It literally makes me physically ill to read about people like the Dichters, and there are millions of them in the US. Why are we like this? Why can’t we figure out how to make sure no one has to go through this? I feel so helpless.


It’s disgusting that, if Dichter could just go to a bank, she could get a loan for $500, pay off the usurious payday loan, and then have the bank loan paid off in less than a year.


Not all banks are:

  1. willing to loan to non-members
  2. willing to loan to people with poor credit
  3. willing to loan to people with low-income



It’s amazing how cheap it is to buy Trump off. And how consistently this story is popping up: that someone trying to sway Trump stays in his hotel/rents space/gets a membership and then, “coincidentally,” they get exactly what they want from him. (Or gave him a lot of money for his “inauguration,” most of which fell into a black hole of no accountability.)

I guess we’ll see if this guy get what he wants:

This is why presidential candidates need to divest themselves of their businesses: because even the appearance of a conflict is hugely damaging to the country.


In a soon to be announced cabinet reshuffle, Trump is expected to announce Monday that Mick Mulvaney will move from his current position as head of the CFPB to be the new chairman of the Federal Reserve.

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support Post Office banking.


abolish capitalism


This. And perhaps I have absolutely zero understanding of the emoluments clause, because isn’t it directly applicable in situations like these?

And if we completely disregard the Russian election interference, Trump family and staff directly interacting during the campaign period, and tRump’s blatant attempts at obstruction… isn’t the emoluments clause itself enough to impeach?


Yeah, it really does seem like it would be…
There’s one lawsuit about it already (which doesn’t seem to be going well), but with each newly revealed instance, it would seem like there are multiple cases to be made here, not something that could be covered by one lawsuit.


I’d be happy with just not allowing it to be the guiding force for our entire society.


Maybe it needs a class action on behalf of the 90% of the American population who are getting stiffed by the current administration.


Tell the Dichter’s story to a Trump fan and you will get a reply that they got themselves into the mess and they want a free government handout to get them out. Besides they probably voted for Hillary and need to be punished. They will then say that they are fighting the good fight for the most helpless among us, the fetus.
The foulest of the far right are the religious types who will not only overlook, but celebrate the greed that permeates Trump and his policies because God anointed him to save the precious babies by forcing all fetuses to term with prison as a consequence for abortion. Don’t ask them to open their wallets for childcare though. They will want to want to investigate any miscarriage that is deemed suspicious also. Any reasonable way to prevent pregnancy other than “keep your legs closed” is unacceptable. They call themselves Christian even though their behavior is the polar opposite of Christ.

Never, ever trust anyone who calls themselves Christian but can’t stop complaining about their ill defined liberals.


yep - a much more achievable goal.

Instead of letting capitalism use and abuse us, we should be the ones Using (as in using or at times abusing) capitalism to make us all better off. By that I don’t mean, “hey capitalism is great - have at it!”. I mean force capitalism to work for everybody, and don’t let it become the tool of a few to abuse the rest of of us. I know some will say, hey - that’s what it is, both on the love it and hate sides. But it can be controlled - they do it every day in scandinavia. Certainly we can manage it as well.

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He’s so desperate for validation attention fame money. A president who wanted to get rich and wasn’t afraid of ethics rules or emoluments could get fantastically rich. But since Trump’s desire for money is just a sublimated desire for help managing emotions, it ends up being the symbol of paying money that is more important than the actual money.


A CEO guilty of this much self-dealing would be charged with fraud and fired.