Pedocouture: In Vogue magazine, 6-year-olds are sex vixens

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I could have sworn I read about this story like a year ago.


So if Vogue is gross for publishing these pictures, isn’t Gawker equally gross for republishing the same pictures?

Or longer.


Damn time flies.

So why the repost of old news, then?

I’m pretty sure we’ve been reading about this since the 70s…

Required watching: every iteration of Jean Kilbournes amazing docu series; Killing us Softly


No Idea. @Xeni clicked on the wrong button?

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I was a sex vixen when I was six years old! For a while I had a recurring dream that I had the power to turn other kids I knew into human rabbits. And of course, when I did, their clothes would slowly fall off as we frolicked in Bacchanalian revels. It was hot!

Fair point.

I remember my mom had an issue with Brook Shields, due to her earlier roles in movies like the Blue Lagoon & Pretty Baby (which is why I wasn’t allowed to have the doll as a kid.)


That ad is just perverse. o.m.g.


Considering how she was posed and styled as a child I’m always amazed at how seemingly normal she grew up to be…

@peregrinus_bis - I know right? Killing us Softly the first one was made in the 70s and specifically addresses that image. It really really good. I recommend it to everyone. Its just so good.


Yeah, looking through the image results from my query, I now get why my mom had such an issue with her as any kind of role model for me.

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well, this seems like as good a place as any for this:

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