Creepy 1975 commercial sexualizes babies


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I wonder what of today’s common stuff will be discussed this way in 40 years.


Or presents an infantilized woman as the epitome of erotic attraction…

Either way, yes, very creepy.


All that was missing was “free candy with purchase” at the end.



Could be worse… could be man-baby stuff.

I remember looking up info on the history of pacifiers and there’s a man-baby section in that, too. Because reasons.

I wonder if women do this stuff too. Or just, y’know, have real babies instead.


what the hell was going on in the 70’s?

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver
Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby
Roman Polanski getting an underaged girl drunk so he could paw at her or worse AND there’s the allegation that the girl’s parents basically enabled it in hopes they could make her a star?

seriously 1970’s, wtf?


Burress detected!


It’s creepy if she’s infantilized, but if she’s an adult baby it’s just a lifestyle choice? I sense a double standard in play.


I’m never calling anyone baby ever again.

Though come to think of it… I don’t think I ever have.


No, it’s not sexualizing babies. It’s infantalizing women. The difference should be obvious.


That’s true. I find both creepy as hell, but for different reasons.


I was thinking of the film short that ran on Saturday Night Live, “Babies in Makeup”. It upset so many people that they ran it again the following week.

Alas, a cursory search came up empty.


Binge read some James M. Cain and you will…


Some of the court docs were posted a few years ago. It’s more like:

He has a lot of apologists in France. I wonder if they’d read the accounts of what he pled guilty to, if they’d feel the same way. Pretty horrifying stuff.


And its narrated by Trump, to boot!





Creepy in 2015. In 1975, effective advertising; that stuff was popular as hell. (And, in the spirit of “why can’t it be two things?”—undoubtedly one of the last straws that put us on the path to today.)


You realize you can make endless lists like this for literally every decade right?.