Pee-Wee Herman talks about the remastered Christmas Special and Playhouse episodes


It’s the kids show equivalent of being upgraded from cough syrup to mescaline.

I already owned the DVDs, but I guess sign me the hell up for some of that sweet action then.


I dunno about this. I did some work on the show, and a lot of that set and props weren’t meant to be seen in HD. The stuff was really crashed out by poorly paid inexperienced kids, and things were falling apart all the time.

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My brother tells me Rob Zombie was a PA on the show. I imagine some pretty good times were had on that show, right?

Maybe later on, but the first weeks (when I was there) were pretty tense, Paul seemed tightly wound. I kept my head down.


Now I’m trying to imagine Paul Reubens blowing up over something going wrong on the set. I have no doubt he was feeling the pressure, and that situation can’t be fun to work under, but the image of Pee Wee going all David O. Russell… now that’s an image.


Wow, that photo. I’d click it, but I know better than to follow something that looks so much like goatse…


Came in to say this. Happy. Out!

Back when shows understood what kids wanted to watch:


God, if someone could do this for David Attenborough’s repertoire. “The Life of Birds” was clearly just bunged over from an old VHS onto DVD. Shameful. And I wont even get into “The Hidden Life of Plants” not being available for US players.


Best 58s in television right there.

i don’t think i’ve ever had my gift idea for NEXT YEAR’S christmas all sewn up so early in my life. THANKS MR. HERMAN!

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Holy shit! That’s it… I’m taking halucinogens and watching Playhouse all weekend.


Came here in search for this, leave disturbed but satisfied. Now then…

Hey Pee Wee! If you like goatse so much, why don’t you marry it!

Judging from the headline image, I don’t know, it may be more like jimson weed than mescaline.

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