Pelosi husband attacker's trial begins; own lawyer admits David DePape is a far-right conspiracy theorist

“See??! This just proves it was a false flag event! It’s TOO perfect.” --MAGA World (probably)


Who does he think he is, a cop?


Again, he’s not contesting his actions, he’s contesting the charges. The feds charged him with the intent of doing this in retaliation for Pelosi doing her job. He claims he didn’t care about her job per se, but was going to kidnap her for other reasons, therefore the charges are incorrect and the trial invalid. I suspect this won’t get very far, but he might have to be charged locally, and thus potentially get much lighter sentencing.

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“… our client clearly intended to murder the victim, but his intent was irrational so it doesn’t count” :confused:


I don’t think the defendant did himself many favors today:

“I felt bad about attacking the nice guy that I plead not-guilty to attacking, but I only did it because I wanted to lure someone else there to attack!”


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