Pennsylvania woman thought dead for three decades found in Puerto Rico nursing home

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Height: 5’10’ - 5’4"??
(from the tweet)

Those days she shrank a whole six inches must have been pretty rough. :crazy_face:

Made it to Puerto Rico. Living the dream. 0_o

By one’s 80s, one does shrink. Add in potential osteoporosis, it seems plausible.


Amazing how much they predicted the shrinkage, not knowing her status or whereabouts or anything at the time. :laughing:

What about any of this story strikes you as funny? Nothing about this is funny. As for the height range on the flyer, it’s entirely possible that her husband didn’t know how tall she was. I mean…he didn’t report her missing for 5 months. Even with a history of taking off for periods of time, 5 months is a pretty long time to let someone be missing before reporting them missing. I don’t know if he didn’t care, or if he was just tired of dealing with her problems. Either way, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he didn’t know how tall she was. Maybe he said, when asked, “I dunno, 5’6”…5’8"…give or take a couple of inches?" Regardless, this whole story is tragic, so I don’t understand why you find any part of this amusing.


I found the whole story mystifying as much as anything, the before, the after and the during. You’re welcome to your own feelings about it.

Please note the laughing emoji in your comments. I didn’t pull my “funny” comment out of thin air.

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There is a tragedy in that story, from beginning to end. It wasn’t the only thing I found in it. Surely, the husband would have been closer to the mark on her height than the police notice was. My whole reaction on it was mixed. You tell me there weren’t any crazy bits about the whole story.

Nobody involved seems particularly happy about this news.

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It’s not a particularly happy story.


Fair, but I would have thought that a reunion after 30 years of presuming your wife was dead would make someone a little cheerful?

He had 30 years to make peace with his wife’s death, then found she’d spent those years confused and alone in an unfamiliar place and no longer has any idea who he is.

“Cheer” isn’t really the primary emotion most people would experience in such a situation.


Quite often if the police know somebody has a habbit of going missing for significant periods of time they wouldn’t consider taking a missing person’s report, and quite often that reason would be “adults have a right to go missing if they wish”. Things have changed since then but it’s an all too common situation in older missing persons cases.

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