Assumed John Wayne Gacy victim found alive



Man they really have to twist this to hype it.

I aten’t dead.

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In the years afterward, her mother “tried hard to find him,” poring over old phone bills showing where his past collect-calls originated, and urging local authorities in those areas to help, according to Edyth Hutton.
“She followed the trail as far as she could” and “just came to the conclusion that he was dead,” Edyth Hutton said. “It was a sadness that she carried to her grave” in 1989.

When asked by ABC News how he disappeared for so long, Robert Hutton responded, “Just neglect.”

Christ, what an asshole.


If my brother pulled that, we might get to the warm fuzzy part eventually, but I’m certain I’d greet him with a hearty punch to the mouth for letting our mother think he was dead. What sort of a-hole does that? I get disappearing if you really really need to or if no one back home cares at all. I get falling out of contact a little. I don’t call my own mom as often as I probably should. But you don’t let your mom die broken hearted because you “neglect” to call home.

Even if you don’t really want to have a relationship with your family, you can let your mom know you aren’t dead. Drop a Christmas card in the mail once a year, you don’t have to include any details or updates, no return address, just sign it and send it. Heck, you don’t even have to send it directly to your mom. Send it to your sister, send it to a friend of the family who will tell her they got it.


Man, his mom lived and died carrying the horrid pain of grieving her child, and this without closure.

Some people really have no understanding (or care) of how other people feel and function.

To all those that parents and guardians are still alive you can atleast Call them this holiday season.

On the other hand this happened in an era without phones glued to our heads, the internet, and no computers documenting anyone. And the story admits the family had a habit of drifting about which means they wouldn’t even know which phone book to check.

How would you propose two people find each other in that situation?

Well, they did raise him…

In other news, I’d like to inform everyone with whom I attended high school to know that I was not killed by Mexican Drug Cartels in Jalisco. I just haven’t called because I didn’t really care.


Well, we know exactly 0% of the backstory between this guy and his family. Who’s to say that he didn’t have a perfectly good reason for leaving? Some families are assholes. Maybe there’s addiction issues that weren’t discussed. The fact that he says “just neglect” doesn’t mean there wasn’t more going on.

Not thinking that I’m in any kind of position to judge.


That’s a bit heavy. Somebody who just roams for 40 years, occasionally homeless, might have some sort of undiagnosed mental health issue. I don’t think we know Mr. Hutton so well to be able to pass judgement.

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My thoughts exactly. “Brother not dead. Just an asshole.”

Family friend, past employer, old neighbor, old school friend… He could’ve named his business Robert Hutton Contracting, and then someone looking for him would turn him up in a google search.

There’s no backstory because news outlets have mindlessly reported exactly what the sheriff of Cook County told them, and he’s not answering the obvious questions the media didn’t ask.

If posting one’s own reporting doesn’t violate community guidelines, here’s more on why there continue to be revelations in the 35-year-old Gacy case and why certain news doesn’t make it into the msm.

Not spam, just a link to an ongoing investigation that may be of interest:

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Your link without the shortener:

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Thanks. Less suspicious looking? I figure anything with Gacy in the title can look kinda nuts.

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