Pentagon debunks "80,000 BlackBerries ordered" report


What they meant to say was they ordered 80,000 Black Berries. When they are in season, them shits are great with yogurt.


“And after he stumbled on the cluster bomb, they had to amputate both the orphan’s arms!”

Oh, not a caption contest?


Since when did the Pentagon debunk anything? If my sense of suspicion weren’t already worn out on other government agencies, that’s what I’d be.

The 80,000 BBs and 1,800 non-BB devices referenced in the release are legacy systems already in DoD inventories.

Oh, THANKS A LOT, Pentagon spokesperson, for revealing our warfighting capacity! You’re getting no gruel tonight, sir.


I believe the correct caption for this photograph of powerful men howling with laughter is, “We told them that the money would trickle up!”

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As much as I hated the Reagan Administration and its lasting effects on this country, that was the perfect photo for this news bit.

Next question: were those 80,000 Blackberries already in use, or had the Pentagon hoarded stockpiled them the way it frequently does with expensive hardware that it doesn’t need and may never need again?

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