Pentagon Inspector General reveals widespread retaliation against whistleblowers with impunity for the retaliators and the wrongdoers

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Tight-knit, mission-driven communities when left to police themselves seem to quite often fail to find the will to do so. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


See also: Churches.

The human impulse is to protect the institution, even if remedying the situation now would be better for it in the long term. Nobody wants to be the person who shows up in the Washington Post article about the terrible thing your organization is doing.


I am not a soldier, but I was of the impression the military takes rather a dim view of officers choosing to ignore their orders. Is that old-fashioned?

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Roll Call is part of the organization that tried to subvert the net-neutrality discussion, and now they are attacking the military? Who are these guys?


We need reform here. There have been too many spectacular cases of persecution of whistleblowers. It leaves us with our current state of corruption. And I’m calling you out on this Obama - we would be in a much different world right now if you didn’t go after Snowdon.


From my experience working with the military from civilian employees to officers: You don’t advance by having your problems aired… therefore problems must not be reported. (This also explains why problems to big too hide and created by the military must be “eaten” by supporting contractors.)

Who knows how the Pentagon ‘framed’ the Snowdon story to Obama?

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OTM has done some good podcasting about whistleblowers, whistleblower protections and retaliation against same:

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