Pentagon retweeted "Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency" today, then deleted it


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That was MY pentagon that retweeted it.


Sentiment aside, you would think the solution to potentially embarrassing Twitter flubs would be to stop using Twitter already.

Why does the Pentagon even have a Twitter account?


Yup. A social media presence is highly valuable if your place of work manufactures gaming keyboards.

Not so much if your place of work bombs foreign entities.


Everyone I knew, assumed Trump would not be elected president because it was such a manifestly Bad Idea. We weren’t wrong that it would be a Bad Idea, we were wrong that it couldn’t happen for that reason.


So that’s how the Deep State is resisting Trump. Very subtle!





Because public endorsement of violence is necessary to legitimise it…


Why is this worth mentioning? It’s either a mistake, or a piece of culture jamming indistinguishable from a mistake. There is literally nothing to see here.


Too true. We are tasked with pattern matching a billion sources of input in a new virtual world whose ultimate agency is so utterly baffling that in the past handful of months we’ve all sat back on a primeval granite rock in the foggy woods, scratched our heads, and contemplated “what does it all mean?”

But, at the end of the day, you know what? Go and re-watch the film “All the President’s Men” and recite the crucial mantra: “Follow the Money”…


Because Twitter is a highly effective distributor of propaganda.


Because it is amusing, unlike when the US military make equally stupid mistakes with some of their lethal equipment.


Sokath, his eyes still covered.




Temba, his arms open.
Shaka, when the walls fell.


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