Pentagon review finds no evidence of aliens or related cover-ups

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But is THAT the REAL cover-up!?!? /s


I mean, you didn’t expect the joint chiefs were going to just admit that they’ve been flying around, mutilating cattle and probing red blooded Americans since 1947, did you?

Man, I’ll just bet the Biden crime family is in this up to their necks. Deep ties to the hot dog manufacturing industry or something. All those cow lips have got to be good for something.


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This is just what Weyland-Yutani wants us to think…


I can’t remember which comedian said it but they put it well: “ahh yes, the best way to put conspiracy-heads’ minds at rest - an official statement from the Pentagon.”


I’ll remain skeptical until they show me convincing proof that there’s no evidence.


If you are looking for an alien intelligence, the closest we are going to find is the octopus.

Or maybe pan-dimensional mice…



Do you feel lucky? Think of the miniature slice of the miniature slice of time that man has been around and odds that it would coincide with the existence, let alone a visit from aliens. That aliens ever existed is something that will never be disproved but actually encountering one would be like winning the Powerball several years in a row…

i, for one, welcome our alien octopode overlords!


Considering the size of the universe it’s not surprising we haven’t been visited by aliens. But I keep hoping! :crossed_fingers:


Maybe the real aliens are the friends we made along the way.


Of course, that’s what the deep state wants us to think

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Fraser Cain’s channel on YouTube lately. He’s a very knowledgable and engaging reporter on all things space – everything from rocket launches to astrophysics to cutting edge ideas that border on SF. He’s convinced me that alien intelligence is exceedingly unlikely at this point in time, much to his and my disappointment. He introduced viewers like me to the mind-blowing idea of von Neuman probes, self-replicating probes that expand out infinitely into the universe. It’s something we humans are working on currently, and should have going within the lifetime of people living now. In a million years (a mere blip in cosmological time), they would be everywhere in a given galaxy. If even one other intelligence has done this, we’d almost certainly know about it by now. And that’s just one data point against there being other advanced technological species. It’s profoundly sad and somewhat unnerving to think that in the vastness of space, we may be the only ones looking up into the night sky and wondering.


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My takeaway from what you’ve shared is that if there is alien life, it’s not so far ahead of us in technological development that said probes (if they decided to make them) have reached us yet. Self-replicating probes would still have to deal with both time and space. (I mean, it’s a great big universe, and we’re all really puny…) None of this would happen instantaneously or ubiquitously. I’m sure there’s more to the argument, however.

I’m mostly agnostic to the idea of there being alien life. It’s more depressing to me that we might be the only life floating out here, or that we may actually be the most advanced/intelligent life in the universe. Seriously, this is the best that can be done?

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Why would there be intelligent life in outer space when there’s none here?


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