Penthouse nepo baby Bob Guccione Jr. defends Jann Wenner in transphobic rant

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Yet again someone fails to understand that free speech doesn’t protect you from others exercising their free speech.


Yep. Wenner somehow claiming Bob Dylan was articulate enough to make the cut but Hendrix and Joplin weren’t? Free speech. Regular folks pushing back on that online? Oppression. Perfectly sensible position. :roll_eyes:




It’s probably very woke of me, but I do feel that “not raping schoolchildren” is a pretty low bar.

Also, I think the punishment for raping schoolchildren – when it gets applied – tends to be more substantial than simply being removed from the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame or publicly told that you’re an asshole. As it should be.


The fact he had to toss in the “not raping school children” bit is umm… well that says a lot about him personally I’m afraid. Because I find these kind of narrow minded, “my free speech is sacred and YOUR speech OPPOSING my speech is the real bigotry here!” whines to be full of thinly veiled dunking on oneself.


Guccione’s loosely-free-speech themed essay reads like the unedited Facebook rant of your dad’s golf buddy that even your dad himself doesn’t like, because he inherited his car dealership from his daddy and acts like he earned his wealth with a boot-strap-pulling machine of his own invention.

…and who still pretends he’s a cool rock-n-roll rebel. The fate of many entitled Boomers.


So true! I’ve been trying to start an influential music and culture magazine, use it as my personal soapbox for 40 years, and get interviewed in a national newspaper so I can tell everyone what I really think, but the woke folks won’t let me!


Thanks for trying, it is further than I would tolerate.


No, Guccione is right - they never should have put Wenner in jail for what he said. What’s that? They didn’t? He just got removed from a position after he demonstrated he wasn’t fit to fill it? I guess I can see how Guccione, as a nepo baby, wouldn’t be able to comprehend how that could possibly happen…

No, no, you don’t understand - if someone does something at all wrong, either you treat them as if they were raping schoolchildren… or you do nothing at all in response. It’s a pretty basic binary… apparently.


Speaking as someone born into this world at the very tail end of the “Baby Boomer” generation, I was never in agreement with the music “zeitgeist” of Rolling Stone. Even as a teenage reader of the magazine I was mostly at odds with the USAian editorial opinion. So Wenner et al should maybe humble themselves and admit their errors rather than declare themselves as spokespeople for an entire generation and above reproach.


To: Wenner
Re: Zeitgeist

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I believe Guns & Roses has the last word on Bob Guccione Jr that is ever necessary.

What you pissed off 'cause your dad gets more ------ than you?


What would Tim Yohannon make of these dipshits (there is probably some, or probably many, anti-Rolling Stone rants in MRR)? I’m sure that Jack Rabid has not kind words for them, though… But he tends to focus on the music, and not on insulting others…



And here we go. It has nothing to do with so-called political correctness. It has to do with him rightly being called out and then rather than saying, “this is my subjective opinion and I just happen to prefer music done by white dudes” he gets all defensive and doubles down with some bullshit. This is what people take exception to.

not his indelicate way of saying that he thinks only old white rock stars can properly explain rock 'n roll

And if that’s truly how he feels, :man_shrugging: he should just own it. Then we can engage in honest debate and conversation about the significant and often overlooked contributions of Black people and women in rock music and use this as a great example of why.

He’s not saying Black people aren’t equal, or that women belong in the kitchen, which would be racist and misogynist and merit indignation and repudiation.

No, but by ignoring their contributions to the genre, he’s exhibiting a huge blind spot and ignorance at best. At worst, he’s tacitly stating this through conscious omission. Or, he’s just exhibiting a preference and won’t just admit it. I refuse to believe someone like Wenner is ignorant of this given his decades as a proxy for the industry.

Well, yeah.

Oh, wait. Here we go with this bullshit. (Not to mention this seems to basically be restating the same arguments all over again just with slightly different words.) Nobody is silencing dissenting voices. You own your own media company FFS, and you’re free to say or print whatever you want. You’re just mad that people dare to challenge what you’re saying and blaming it on “wokeism”.

And they want to punish anyone who has the temerity, or stupidity, or just plain bad luck to utter something not in sync with the One True Gospel of How Everyone Must Think and Act.

Ah, yes. It’s everybody else’s fault when they are angered by someone else’s words and when they push back they are the ones who are wrong! It’s “cancel culture” because a group of people decide they don’t want to support someone who has abhorrent views! How dare they! This is the land of the free, after all!

This is a master class in just about every kind of bad faith debate tactic out there.


I get that this guy sucks, but it is my position that you have to suck it up and finish the essay if you are going to write an article about it.

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You’re one of those “it’s unfair to criticize Ayn Rand unless you get all the way through the end of Atlas Shrugs” people, aren’t you?


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… I’m sure someone will stick a microphone in Gavin McInnes’s face and ask him to complete this vile triptych any minute now :grimacing: