People at DC's Union Station enjoy free pornography streamed from kiosk


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How the fuck could they not expect this? I sure would have thought about this kind of thing happening. Seriously ‘Can the feed be hijacked?’ should be the number fucking one question asked by the security team.


It did make last night’s commute more interesting… it was the topic of conversation on the train last night.


I know. The first thing I do after I see a new piece of kit is wonder “What other uses can this do” and this isn’t even an outside use case. It’s displaying a video feed. So, how do you determine what the video feed comes from? If it isn’t hard wired, then someone is going to spoof the signal.

My wife accuses me of only seeing the problems in things. She thinks it is a flaw, I see it as a survival trait.


While I didn’t work with the security guys at my last job, jeebus the stories I heard from the ones I knew. Every time workstations got locked down harder I knew the backend of things and was all I know why ‘we can’t have nice things’.

Hell this is the exact sort of thing I would have thought about doing when hanging out with the Cacophony Society though not with porn.


Monitors in public places rarely have their usb ports covered or disabled which is great for charging phones in airports etc. but not so much for say, a usb key filled with porn.



I’ve been in software development, and my guess is that these were known issues/bugs that management decided to not fix, so they could ship on time.


Well, I know where I’m going for lunch…


"“What the hell is this?” proclaimed one man, pointing at the screen. " And that is why people need to watch mor eporn: So they know what those things are when they see them.

Or better health classes in school so they at least know the names of things.

Sad when a man doesn’t even recognize naked people and has to ask for an explanation. Or a sex toy or whatever had him so confused.


If the videos were scat porn, it could be construed as advertising for Chipotle.


Well… you can’t spell DIRECTIONS without ERECTIONS.

It was an informative kiosk after all!


“No,” replied the sales rep, reassuring all of the decision-makers in the room.


Thank goodness they censored the image. I might have fainted.


I live in a very small town and sit on the board of a non-profit repertory theater. I have been working on a project to upgrade our old marquee signage to an LED model. In this tiny town of ca 1,350 people, the town board asked me to provide info on i/o interfaces and programming as well as encryption info for data xfer.

This Washington must be a really small town.


If you think the commuters were upset just think of all the poor bastards sitting at home trying to jerk off to a departures timetable.


Has the train left the station yet??? Just a little longer…


It’s only the Arrivals that has the trains coming.

(I’m sorry.)


It only gets interesting when they enter the dark dank tunnels under DC. You know what they say around DC this time of year? It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.