People danced like chickens to sell jars of glop


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Unlike the contemporaneous 1993 video of NYC posted last week, this doesn’t make me feel sad at all.


Two seconds of that video with the sound off and I have the jingle stuck in my head for the first time in 20 or so years. Thanks a lot!


Beat me to it!


The cacciatore was a favorite in our house.





It still exists outside of the US. Here’s the Australian version:


Sadly that ear worm has been bouncing around my noggin for decades.


What is it about that jingle that makes it so freaking tenacious? It’s been purely in my head for 25 years as well, unheard again until now.

Some ad guy deserves a medal, from whoever hired him.


I try to be as accommodating a spouse as possible but I still feel vindicated that my one non-negotiable iron clad stipulation for our wedding was that it would not include the chicken dance.


That seems wise. I am going to use that.

Cha Cha Slide as well. Friend of mine who used to work at a banquet hall said he would have nightmares about that song.


Ours was no line dancing whatsoever. We both agreed on that.


I and a friend used to do the dance before we went to bars and sing “I feel like drinkin’ tonight.”


ha ha–hilarious. The stuff wasn’t half bad, I guess. Funny how right now I can smell/taste it just from seeing the ad. I love how they guy pronounces the “H” in “herbs.” Not one person on the set said “Guys…”


I would marry you