People getting ear lobe filler to have "lucky" Buddha ears

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Why just inert “filler”? could stick all sorts of 'tronics in there. RFID, bluetooth audio, a wifi switch which responds to a Carol Burnett ear tug, LED turn signals… why, the mind boggles


Seriously, a wasted opportunity.

Other options:

  • Minuscule maracas
  • Minute rain sticks
  • Baby little bells
  • Bitty bubbles with a bb in them
  • Toy squeekers
  • Little lotion dispensers (with a little exit/refill hole)
  • Mini magnetic mask and earphone cord keepers
  • Wee whoopee cushions (self filling, also with an exit hole)
    The possibilities are endless…

Not impressed…


I’m one of those folks with detached, dangly earlobes. It never seemed to make much difference in my lifetime. :man_shrugging:


At least they aren’t getting head implants to have the Buddha ushnisha head-lump. That would be pretty extreme.

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I pity those fools…

Mr T 80S GIF



Oh! Wait, wrong thread this time

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Maybe next time around.

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Actually mapped this for a high school bio class. It’s a simple inheritance model trait.

You want Buddha earlobes? Get the genes! (I’ve already got them)

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The other trait our family has is a missing pre-molar. My half-brother inherited this one.

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I wish I had that. Would have made my late, but erupting wisdom teeth actually have space, and not have to be removed…

That and a functional 6th finger. That has to be awesome. “This is a piano piece I wrote that’s really only playable if you have 12 fingers…”.

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