People Power: Uber users delete accounts en masse

Relationship with Tzchrump is what did it. 200k deleted accounts.

Oooooh - gotta hurt!


It appears to have had an impact. Now cue a counter-wave of people who delete their accounts!

As a fan of taxi-cabs and hack regulations, I see this as a great thing brought to us by this administration.


Wait, I thought we’d been Sternly Told that complaining and doing stuff was a waste of time? Surely these Financial Terrorists can only harm our Movement?


I have hope that some of the non-Thiel-ian techies could get some semi-sensical tech-related things through Trump et alia?

Is that just too ridiculous a hope?

Am I placing my trust with the wrong set of foxes?

[Trust is too strong a word - let’s go with hope.]


I drive for Uber, but after the response they had to the taxi strike, don’t think I’ll be doing it anymore. I am signed up with Lyft so we’ll see how that works out.


@clifyt - what do you think, as an Uber-iste?

I just started driving for Lyft this week. It was something I had been considering for a while…but the last few weeks have made me reconsider who I want to work for. That said, I posted this on FB (where you might have seen) with the note that I’m donating all proceeds to the Indiana ACLU. If you switch to Lyft and use this code — I’ll be adding whatever I get from this to my yearly donation. Riders get $10 and Drivers get $40 (there are better deals if you look)

So as an Uberista…yeah, I’mm be driving Lyft from now on. It is only a side hustle, so I’d rather not be associated with making money for a Trumpista (sadly, Carl Icahn profits from this, but he isn’t the CEO and the CEO has been pretty proactive about supporting the right people without having their hands forced).


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