People take photos of their drug stashes


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Oh sorry, I read that as “Drug 'staches”…


Geotagging is fun.


From the sidebar:


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Where I got mine stashed you don’t wanna see a photo. Trust me.


So they’re taking lab samples?

We had a vial of pure caffeine in one of the labs I used to work in. I was not going anywhere near that shit, but if we had cell phones at the time I would have snapped a picture.

If anyone sees that vial and thinks instant coffee instead of instant heart attack, it’s on them.


I think it’s funny that so many people worry about photos of drugs or people using drugs, assuming that such photos can easily be used against them in prosecution. Without being there and knowing what the photos are of, they aren’t evidence of anything unlawful. Especially considering that most drugs are colorless, featureless powders, which literally do not look like anything.


Heh. knoxblox beat me to the gag. I was going to take pictures of Ibuprofen, Benadryl, and Zyrtek.


Not really “stashes” per se, but, you know. Whatever gets you by, man.


Is it with your tiny mobile phone?


A friend of mine bought IIRC a kilogram of caffeine a couple of years ago.

I think he uses some kind of repeated-dilutions method to get it down to a solution that’s readily measurable into sane doses, which he adds to fruit smoothies.

Last I asked him about it, he still had over 2/3 of the jar left…


Doesn’t he know that he’s making his homeopathic sleeping potion more potent?!

I hope he doesn’t dilute it too much, or he’ll have the Draught of Living Death on his hands.


*ponders whether being super jealous of other people’s drug collections is in the cards for today

*reads article

Guess so!


That second photo… they have split tabs put inside gel caps… why? What is the point of that? O_o


Same reason some people split their grapes in half?

Also, have you ever tasted MDMA, MDEA or any of those ssris?



Do they then store said grapes in cling wrap?

It makes no sense to put tabs in caps! That is just the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!
And yes I have, tabs, caps and powder, the 90s were fun.


Reminds me of a weird guy who chatted me up on the bus to Sacramento airport once. He just decided I was who he was gonna talk to for 10 minutes, and started showing me the vast quantities of legal weed he had at home. If you put it all together, you could make what could fairly be called “a brick”.

I was obviously uninterested, but he just kept talking. I generally just let people talk, just about anyone that wants to talk to me. But other people on the bus were openly chuckling at my plight.


Anyone who takes a hobby to a life style becomes instantly annoying.

Also- it looks like a lot of those are labeled “Scientific samples”. WTF is that about?

Also - this is as dumb as criminals posing with guns and cash. Incriminating evidence anyone?



Possibly, they are channeling the anal retentive aspects of “Walter White.”