People talk about their street style in Harajuku, Tokyo

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It’s interesting - in the '80s and '90s, the alternative fashions that Japan was famous for, the things people took pictures of anyways, were very much trends and sub-cultures where everyone was dressing the same way. In the last couple of decades, seeing videos and sites devoted to photo collections of what people are wearing in Harajuku, I initially assumed what I was seeing all fit into some distinct fashion movements, but it quickly became clear it was wildly diverse and individually creative.

I’m not seeing stuff like this from other cities, at least not as street fashion. I see wild outfits people wear to events in New York and LA and Berlin or whever, but not so much on the street. I wonder if it’s an issue of concentration - Harajuku is a single area where people congregate that other cities don’t have, so it’s easier to take pictures - or if daily wear on the street is the venue where people do that kind of performative fashion, or there really are just more people getting wild with fashion there. Even as someone with little knowledge of, or interest in, fashion, I find it fascinating.

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