People who think Martin Luther King Jr. is alive and arguing with Trump on Twitter

I think most people know MLK is dead and not in a twitter war with Trump. I’m sure there were lots of people who told them they were idiots. But the point isn’t to suggest society is that deluded, it’s simply to say there are idiots among us.

Having watched the segment, I’d say some people were playing along a bit.

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Speaking of undead arguments with MLK…


If King were alive today, this would be Fox News:


That whole episode was brilliant… a “what if” MLK was just in a coma and woke up.

ETA - LOL - A defeated King suggests Oprah should start a political party. Forgot about that part ~11:40.


I once received an opinion poll call from a local TV news station. About the situation in former Yugoslavia. The questions kept getting harder and harder. But I was proud to know a bit about what was going on and give intelligent answers. Until a question about someone in the legislative branch. I started out by saying, “well, I’m not an expert …” only to be interrupted with “Wait. Aren’t you XYZ the international relations expert?” “No, I’m XYZ the engineer.”

It wasn’t a poll; it was an interview. The reporter found my name in the phone book and assumed I was the person she was looking for.


A dead MLK is a million times smarter than a live Trump.


Perhaps some of these people thought they were asking about Martin Luther King III? He’s been making the rounds on the news shows lately discussing trmp and his recent remarks.

Of course, probably not.

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Zombie Dr. King would have showed up for the inauguration, but there weren’t enough brains…


If you discuss DACA over brunch with five friends, you might come away thinking “we made some good points and remembered a lot of details”. It may well be that just one person made all the points and remembered all the details, but all five of you felt equally competent, because it was an organic, coöperative activity, and you weren’t keeping score.

If you were each separately interviewed a week later, four of you could be made to look dumb. But up to that point, all five of you would have felt equally superior to someone else getting the same treatment.

People should feel ashamed about not knowing stuff. But stunts like this don’t make that point, they just promote unwarranted beam-vs-mote smugness.


Boondocks was a great show… the comic strip was even better, and more pointed. Return of the King was one of the most controversial and best episodes, I think.


I loved the strip too. I think me and Aaron McGruder and I would get along, both big Star Wars nerds.


We call it fremdschämen.

Another handy phrase: O Herr, wirf Hirn vom Himmel!

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