People who think Martin Luther King Jr. is alive and arguing with Trump on Twitter


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He has the right to continue to be dead from assassination? Can these sorts of videos some how be used to disqualify people from voting until they pass a history test?/s

Edit: Yes I was being sarcastic. I while at times I wish we lived in a truly benevolent meritocracy but since we can’t even figure out gerrymandering I understand that it’s never happening.


I can’t watch these.
I tried. I started it. I couldn’t get up to the first answer.

I just feel embarrassed for them.


Oh FFS. No /s tag, so I’ll assume this is not sarcasm. There was a reason for the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which among other things, outlawed the use of literacy tests which generally speaking, disenfranchised minorities at a higher rate than others.

How about you not being allowed to vote because you don’t understand how literacy tests are used as a weapon?


What Kimmel doesn’t show you are the 100’s of people who are actually intelligent. I’d be curious what his hit rate is for this kind of thing. i.e. what ratio of interviewees actually looked at the interviewer and said something to the effect of: “You are a fucking idiot.”


My God man, don’t encourage ideas like this.
The only thing that scares the one percent is one vote one person. Take that away and there is no hope.


Was it wrong of Martin Luther King to skip the president’s inauguration last year?

If you think that’s a snub, wait until you hear that Frederick Douglass didn’t show up, either. Typical PC identity politics nonsense from SJWs!



Yeah, I wondered that too.

Do the stupidest people in California congregate on Hollywood Blvd? Because every time Kimmel does this skit the most ignorant people show up in front of his camera.


I pine for a “On the street” late night interview segment that showcases how smart and intelligent random strangers can be.


Maybe camera crews and interviewers go out intentionally seeking the most ignorant and incoherent ‘interviewees’ they can find…


It’s a convenient location to the studio and, given that it’s a draw for tourists from the sticks and also for weirdos, the field producer is guaranteed to come back with at least three stupid and ignorant answers for the segment. Universal City Walk is a favourite spot for the same reason.

Once in a while, they’ll also throw in a smart or educated person who reacts in an entertaining way, but they can’t count on most people being witty when put on the spot like that.


or perhaps even wave $20 at random people to act stupid/ignorant on purpose.

Kimmel and other late night shows are after all entertainment. They have no requirement or oversight to ensure validity of things like this because they are after all “bits”.


But Kimmel still has to mention that he’s dead…it’s sort of like when you read about “the famous author Charles Dickens…”


Kimmel owes Rick Mercer a royalty cheque for stealing his shtick:



Possibly, but there are always people out there who are willing to display their idiocy for free…


Well see, I don’t test well.
I’m afraid, perhaps, that I would be one of the ones who made it
on TV.
Or maybe I’m just embarrassed for those that do.


But wasn’t Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segment a similar thing? Wouldn’t Rick Mercer owe him a royalty check?


… and,
more and more, I’m hearing good things about Frederick Douglass.


Please do one with the question: Why did the Mexicans bomb Pearl Harbor in the 1960’s?


I am sure Leno owes Steve Allen a cheque, who probably owes a lot of Vaudevillians a cheque…

/was never serious
//can’t prove I ever was