People's CDC releases new COVID guide: "What to Do if You Have COVID"

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While nice, a lot of this would require rebuilding your home and/or having a lot of equipment (do you have several portable HEPA filters?) on hand.

I’ve had multiple rounds of having to treat family members in my home. We quarantined them in one room and gave them exclusive access to the closest bathroom. You wore a mask in the area (some germs were likely floating in the hallway) and of course with them. For the very very first one in March 2020, I recall wearing gloves for the first week, but then went glove free as they were getting very scared (think of all the things being said about the disease at that time) and going that one level less kept them from going over the edge.

In all the quarantines since (3 or 4, I forget), we’ve done the same process. No one outside of the quarantined room has caught it. And we’ve heavily tested (due to kids, jobs, and compromised people) anyone around them when we’ve worked through it. I’d say our processes + vaccines covered us.


Yeah I have to agree; while I could believe that this plan might be appropriate for folks in special circumstances, but for almost everyone it seems way over the top.

That’s just a box fan, some bungie cords and 5 HEPA air filters from the hardware store. Nothing fancy.


People’s CDC left out monster bowl from the non-isolation room. Also the vent windows don’t have UV lights to not let out stuff the filters didn’t get. ‘Just 5 HEPA filters, a box fan, a jaunty way of staging it in the room, lots of wide gaffer or masking tape, times 2…also 2 CO2 alarms of no particular make…’[faceplants standing from boredom.]

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Yeah, I thought this was satire, tbh. It’s good to have info like this out there, but when I was a high exposure risk I spent Christmas in a poorly insulated room with a blanket nailed around the door to prevent a draft from entering the main living area. Otoh, I get that they’re trying to dispense practical knowledge for the most ideal circumstance, but most of us don’t exactly have conjoined bathrooms and suite-like bedroom situations.


Fire up the ‘apartment replicator machine!’

I first presumed the ‘short version’ link was going to be a gif of whack-a-mole.

All good, but frankly, hats off to all those who had similar intuitions like 3 years ago. Especially when there was initially so much fear over washing your vegetables, etc.

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