CDC finally lets us know what people vaccinated for Covid-19 can and can't do

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Gotta love the footer on that document: “Confidential and pre-decisional. Do not share.”


How about linking to the CDC instead of to some shady file in documentcloud? It’s not like it’s a secret document that’s been leaked.


To remind everyone, when a CDC Guideline or any Government Agency Guideline like this is put forth, that it is the minimal effort/thing to do. If you’ve had it or if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s still a pandemic and you should still not be doing any unnecessary travel, socializing, or breathing until new cases are reduced significantly or eliminated. One maskless asshole spreading COVID-19 Variant p1 around the Country and we get to do this all over again.


I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice to know I can hug my mom again.


Pretty much zero coverage of the fact that the CDC is still begging Americans to avoid non-essential travel, regardless of vaccination status.


Get my crayons, I’ll doodle up my own immunization card - unless there’s an official document that is as accepted and recognized as a US dollar bill.

That stock photo is terrible. That needle looks big enough for a horse. The contents of the syringe clearly didn’t come out of that full vial.
Anyway… great news that we’re finally getting some guidance on what might be safe. Perhaps vaccinated people being able to safely gather will trigger some snowflakes to go get the shot.

Why? They’re gathering anyways.


holding breath


only 17% of the population of the country has been vaccinated. what’s this “finally” nonsense? seems right on time to me.


Agreed. And with availability starting to broaden it’s the perfect time to say look at all the things you can do if you get the jab(s).

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My folks are about 10 days beyond their second vaccination. On Friday, they’re getting on an airplane to go see their first great-grandkid. At 85 and 84, that’s essential.

i’ve seen my 84 year old dad 3 times in the past year (brief, masked visits). i get my second vax on 3/20 and he a few days after that. and a week or so later i get to go see him and feel relaxed about it for the first time in a long time. really looking forward to that.

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Out of curiosity, what are other countries’ CDC-equivalents recommending?


Honestly not much.

The US has basically bought the way to the front of the line on this. Nobody else near our size or status is near the point where we are with vaccination.

In England (other UK nations vary) we are approaching 33% of population have received first vaccination, the exit from lockdown is following a timetable. Schools opened yesterday and, barring any further problems (increases, spikes or variations) we are looking at June before restrictions are fully lifted.
In terms of vaccine effectiveness we are told that at least 3 weeks after the 2nd jab is optimal.

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That doesn’t appear to be true, really. Canada reportedly has the highest per-capita vaccine supply (having made very early deals with seven producers) but is having serious distribution problems, unfortunately.

There’s been talk of the US sending excess supply to Canada, but this is really a patch for distribution, not supply. So I don’t think the US bought its way to the front of the line. In fact, the Russian team I work with is almost all fully vaccinated now and none of them are in special groups. It’s hard to get real data out of Russia though, so that’s just my anecdote. It seems like the US is middle-of-the-road on vaccination so far.

In Canada this is mostly happening at the provincial level, where healthcare is administrated. Each province is issuing guidelines. Alberta’s current ones are in line with the CDC. BC is looser because the infection rate per capita there has been much lower. They responded strong early (partly by closing the border with Alberta for a while :joy:)


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