Perfectly preserved cave lion may be coming back after 50,000-year extinction nap


Really? I think if they can clone it they most certainly should. We need to practice bringing back extinct species, with the way things are currently going. No way it would go free, it would be very valuable to study though.

I’m skeptical though, this isn’t the first time a similar news story has aired and disappeared…

right? elephant bird for thanksgiving anyone?
giant tortoise soup?
(i’m hungry, we don’t have to eat everything we bring back…lol)

We have intact elephant bird eggs.

we can hope, right?


Maybe they could clone a perfectly-preserved extinct tiger and crossbreed them. That would be pretty much my favorite animal.


Artist’s conception:


I saw it Off Broadway, I’ll never be the same…


I honestly really wish I could see a living dodo bird.


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