Perhaps Australia will dynamite this dead beached whale

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Tangentially related… they could use it as a sauna, alternatively…


Meanwhile in Iceland

I’ve heard reports of people bringing their kids to play on the carcass.


Something something thought they smelled bad on the outside.


Thar she blows!



Flame throwers?


Australians would probably put it on the “Barbie” with some shrimp…

What sort of knife would they fillet the whale with???

You cut the fat off with a “flensing knife” I believe. Which looks a bit like a medieval weapon.

I wonder if there’s a reason why they don’t just haul these out to sea and punch some holes in them (so you can have whale carcass communities),

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I’d presume, that there is difficulty getting a boat that is powerful enough to drag the whale close enough to the beach to pull the whale at a reasonable cost.

Burying it is logistically simpler.

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Wikipedia seems to suggest that “whale falls” are mostly a deep sea thing rather than a coastal waters thing.

Whale falls are able to occur in the deep open ocean due to cold temperatures and high hydrostatic pressures. In the coastal ocean, a higher incidence of predators as well as warmer waters hasten the decomposition of whale carcasses.[1] Carcasses may also float due to decompositional gases, keeping the carcass at the surface.[6] The bodies of most great whales (which includes sperm whales and many species of baleen whale[7]) are slightly denser than the surrounding seawater, and only become positively buoyant when the lungs are filled with air.[8] When the lungs deflate, the whale carcasses can reach the seafloor quickly and relatively intact due to a lack of significant whale fall scavengers in the water column.[1] Once in the deep-sea, cold temperatures slow decomposition rates, and high hydrostatic pressures increase gas solubility, allowing whale falls to remain intact and sink to even greater depths.[6]

I guess if it was easy to get a body to sink just by punching a hole or two in it then the mafia never would have needed to invent cement shoes.

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Indeed. That’s not a knife, this is a knife, etc.

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