Person busted for shoplifting during "Shop With A Cop" event

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Reminds me of the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when the protagonists check into a hotel drugged to the gills and carrying a whole suitcase of various narcotics only to realize that the hotel was hosting a police convention during their stay.


My dad said that the first time he did jury duty, the case involved someone who’d thrown a brick through a shop window late at night, figuring that he could grab a bunch of stuff and be long gone before the cops responded to the alarm (this was apparently in the days before security shutters were standard).

Sadly for him, he hadn’t done his research: the shop was on the ground floor of an apartment block that was used to house junior police officers. The gentleman was still busy filling his bag with merchandise when he was swarmed by thirty cops in pajamas.


Gross. You want to help kids out with cash for shopping, great. Stop using them for PR, pigs.


So, like a dozen eggs? Thanks, Biden!

That’s amazing. The one time I had jury duty, the guy went to a former IBM recreational facility and stole a bunch of aluminum lawn chairs to resell (IBM devastated the local economy when it “downsized” in the 80s and 90s). Unfortunately for the idiot involved, the IBM site is across the road from a shooting range that the local PD uses and the SWAT team was practicing that day. D’oh!

No thanks! I’ll stick with my six year old.


Someone is trying to start a tradition, maybe?

Having to go shopping with a cop while being used for their PR sounds like a potentially traumatic event to me. I’m not making light of the kids, but I do wonder how many of them have significantly worse lives because of cops?

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