Tip: Don't shoplift when store is holding 'Shop With A Cop' event

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Light-finger Louie foiled by free-spending fuzz.


We held a “Coffee With A Cop” event in my neighborhood in LA. Lots of neighborhood officers attended including numerous members of the gang squad. The coffee shop was across from a McDonalds, one of the cops noticed a wanted gang member at the McDonald’s. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him, he was surrounded in seconds.


So this is some kind of program to make poor kids trust cops by buying them Wal-Mart crap?

Can we have a “Shop With an Engineer” event so kids can trust me? Pfft. Skip the toy isle and head straight for the tool section.

I get it: flags, apple-pie, christmas and all that. I hope the kids enjoy the toys. Maybe don’t harass their parents the rest of the year and they’d trust you more.


The one time I sat on a jury it was for criminal trespass and grand larceny (oh, and childhood endangerment because he had his 16yo son with him). He drove his truck and trailer onto an “abandoned” property and stole a bunch of aluminum chairs for scrap. It just so happens that the property was across the road from the local police shooting range and the SWAT team was firing that day. He didn’t even make it off of the property.


Criminals these days just don’t bother casing the joint. Why, in my day…


Mom needs new daughters, not new stolen clothes.

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