Pet ants you knight!


A “fan fair” is not the same thing as a fanfare.

Would you like to show off your pet ant tree?

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes – For fans interested in the history and inspiration behind a boy and his tiger

Challenge excepted.


This peeks my interest.


I was not a toe head as a child.


I thought this topic would illicit more of a response from the BB populous.


fan fair

the idea that a grown, professional adult wrote that was very off-putting to me.

I don’t have anything clever to write, just commiserating.


Its nice to sea homophones put to good use once and a wile.


I like pet ants because they help me with my knit pics.


For all intensive purposes isn’t a “fan fair” kind of like a fanfare? My two scents, anyway.


It has the same affect.


it can be.




Mounting the backside of a feline on the wall was a cat ass trophy.


OMG, someone just used “the fundamental tenants of religions” on another thread. That one always puts my teeth on edge.


But that one actually makes sense both ways. For instance, my fundie dad literally lived in a church during his 20s.


If you’re talking about tenants, you’d usually say tenants of a church (or whatever building was involved) rather than the religion per se, wouldn’t you?


It was a cult. If you aren’t living in that, I don’t know what you’re doing.


Oh, I guess if it was like living in the Scientology complex or something it would make perfect sense.


True story:

I stocked the bookshelve’s in the [Texas public school] kindergarten my son went to for a year. He was bored because his classmate’s were still learning their alphabet and how to sit still in a group. I was happy to supply better reading material’s.

He entered reading at the 3rd grade level. His teacher managed to dash our hope’s of a good experience in socializing and group learning because she consistently misspelled plural’s. In her defense, she was kind and pleasant. And yet… and yet…

It took us all summer to retrain him to spell plural word’s without apostrophe’s.


Ok. But please don’t do that again.