PETA claims patriotic Super Bowl ad was banned by NFL

Six carnivore animals in that commercial.


Since I agree with @GulliverFoyle on this subject, I’ll give an answer too.

The problem with equating #allspeciesmatter with #blacklivesmatter is the same as equating #alllivesmatter with #blacklivesmatter.

The problem isn’t an undervaluing of other species…it’s choosing to override the specific egregious inequality faced by African Americans in the U.S. by lumping it in with everyone else.


You are making a moral judgement not only about what you think is PETA’s intention, and an assessment that is lacking on the same grounds, you have no clue what they want to achieve, and how they measure success.

My moral judgement is different, which opens possibilities for other intentions on PETA’s site. Observing previous campaigns, I see a pattern (which I was not alone to notice).

Kapernick must have not gotten that message then:

I think that makes it pretty clear that they are not undervaluing that struggle to promote another struggle, what I believe they’re saying is: same struggle, same fight.

Of course, there may be, as @GulliverFoyle puts it “practical, deontological or consequentialist” arguments why you reject that.

But as I said above, that moral judgement is yours to make, I make another moral judgement that message because that message strongly resonates with me.

When I stopped eating meat decades ago, I learned simply mentioning that fact often triggers people into strong reactions, even though I just mad it known so we can pick a restaurant that works for everyone. But I understand that this challenges their lifestyle. The same happens with PETA’s ads, every single time (except for the one with autism, that was a stupid and utterly fucked up move on PETA’s part) people are given another chance to reflect their lifestyle and avoid that knee-jerk reaction that is also possible. I don’t know if it pays off in the long run, but I appreciate that experiment, because it might work better than what we’ve tried before.

Good luck with that. :+1:

The more I learn about PETA, in particular that their hypocrisy extends to killing en masse animals with a high chance of being adopted, the less benefit for the doubt I’m prepared to give them. I still think many of the people who support and donate to them are merely getting scammed by them. I hope for the sake of their own ethical integrity that those supporters realize what PETA is doing and move their support to advocacy groups that actually save animals.

People here aren’t disagreeing with you because you’re vegan. They’re disagreeing with you because you’re defending a hypocritical organization that dups its donors into helping to fund racist ads.


Perhaps these comments are providing PETA the opportunity to reflect on their devaluing important ethical concerns.


The fact that this is the only example you recognize as showing any prejudice on PETA’s part is telling…it tells me that it’s a waste of time to have a conversation with you on this issue.


General announcement to long time posters here: this is a good example of what I mean when I say that PETA fanaticism makes things worse for the rights and welfare of both animals and vegans/vegetarians.


heheeh thanks !! sorry , i missed that !!
in one frontal lobe and out the other , as the old saying goes , eh ?
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I wonder what (if any) victory PETA fans would cite as their greatest achievement to date on advancing the cause of animal welfare.


Apparently all of them except that one unique time when they brought autism into it.


What I mean is, can they point to any examples of animal welfare laws that were passed because of their activism or studies showing that their ads have successfully converted more people to veganism?


That Kittens of the Sea campaign made sure I eat tuna and never wanted to try cat, is that a win?


That is an excellent question, and one that I have never heard anyone answer. Hmmm…


I forgot about that one.

I wonder if anyone pushed back against the premise that you can equate two different things just by renaming them by starting a campaign to call soy beans “babies of the pod.”


Well, that might be because my main exposure to PETA campaigns is via German media (because I happen to live there), the autism campaign being an exception, I read an article about that in the Guardian, the campaign itself didn’t run in Germany.

It appears that PETA Germany is a rather tiny branch of PETA US, with a fraction of the budget, and there are things that that happen in the US that don’t happen here (killing animals in shelters is one example).

So obviously when I researched PETA campaigns in the US earlier today, I found many I was totally unaware of, e.g. all the Super Bowl ads, ads comparing beer to milk, Satanic Panic themed ads, or the Pokemon stuff, just to name a few. Makes sense, too, e.g. nobody over here cares for American Football, there’s no fear of satanists, or a Halloween tradition to speak of etc.

That might explain a certain difference of perspective.

Why would I think that?

When I researched PETA (US) today I found a several issues that are questionable, so I can see where the idea of hypocrisy is coming from. And I do acknowledge the problems that arise with campaigns intended to polarize people. I’d like to read or listen to what PoC (apart from Kapernick, who appears to be in favor) have to say about it. Any ideas where I might find those?

they’re saying more or less that Jews are animals

Well, from a technical standpoint, Jews are members of a species that’s in the animal kingdom… just like all other people.

There’s a good one nearby.


(Same article linked the BB post @milliefink provided. )


Why aren’t you researching this and providing us with those links?

You’ve already admitted that you hadn’t actually looked into the issue until after posting multiple times in this thread. This makes me less likely to do any work on your behalf.


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