PETA claims patriotic Super Bowl ad was banned by NFL

That is an excellent question, and one that I have never heard anyone answer. Hmmm…


I forgot about that one.

I wonder if anyone pushed back against the premise that you can equate two different things just by renaming them by starting a campaign to call soy beans “babies of the pod.”


Well, that might be because my main exposure to PETA campaigns is via German media (because I happen to live there), the autism campaign being an exception, I read an article about that in the Guardian, the campaign itself didn’t run in Germany.

It appears that PETA Germany is a rather tiny branch of PETA US, with a fraction of the budget, and there are things that that happen in the US that don’t happen here (killing animals in shelters is one example).

So obviously when I researched PETA campaigns in the US earlier today, I found many I was totally unaware of, e.g. all the Super Bowl ads, ads comparing beer to milk, Satanic Panic themed ads, or the Pokemon stuff, just to name a few. Makes sense, too, e.g. nobody over here cares for American Football, there’s no fear of satanists, or a Halloween tradition to speak of etc.

That might explain a certain difference of perspective.

Why would I think that?

When I researched PETA (US) today I found a several issues that are questionable, so I can see where the idea of hypocrisy is coming from. And I do acknowledge the problems that arise with campaigns intended to polarize people. I’d like to read or listen to what PoC (apart from Kapernick, who appears to be in favor) have to say about it. Any ideas where I might find those?

they’re saying more or less that Jews are animals

Well, from a technical standpoint, Jews are members of a species that’s in the animal kingdom… just like all other people.

There’s a good one nearby.


(Same article linked the BB post @milliefink provided. )


Why aren’t you researching this and providing us with those links?

You’ve already admitted that you hadn’t actually looked into the issue until after posting multiple times in this thread. This makes me less likely to do any work on your behalf.


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