Peter Strzok says FBI counterintelligence probe into Trump's Russian business ties was incomplete

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So, impending drone strike?


“Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States,”

Not really so secretly


Isn’t it jaw-dropping!? The majority of the American populace has watched endless deference and obeisance by trump to putin, and have accepted as common knowledge that trump must be a Russian asset (likely due to some huge monetary debt and not some video dépeignant les arts urinaires). And yet we’re just now learning that apparently no proper U.S. intelligence was ever conducted! Not even before the trump/barr duo destroyed The Justice Department, to establish this one way or the other. And the oh-so overly anticipated Mueller report didn’t touch on that direct possibility. Such will be one of the most gob-smacking chapters in the history of this dark time.


Well, a thorough financial investigation wouldn’t have been within the scope of the investigation. I’m pretty sure if it had been proposed, it would have been shot down as an avenue. Also, Strozk didn’t initiate/start the investigation. The approval came from higher than him, iirc.

I have seen so many folks responding you articles like this with “The Cold War is over, Russia is an ally now, we can be on good terms with them.”

So yeah, in the Russian political archives, Putin will be deemed a master regarding the West and the US in particular during the Trump era.


those must be the voices from the “Red States”


When is “Trump Moscow” opening? It better be in Red Square.

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