Petition to repeal Article 50 breaks UK Govt. petition site

The Brexit trainwreck has been speeding towards some kind of conclusion, and despite the EU giving a bit of an extension, it’s not exactly clear what’s going to happen.

Against this backdrop, someone posted a petition on the UK Government’s Petitions site:

which has, in the couple of days since it started, received over three million signatures, causing the service to go down numerous times, and even now getting it to cope with the load is proving troublesome:


It’s over four million now.

The Leavers have noticed and the opposing petition is creeping up as well…

And, because politics is now irretrievably toxic:

I have a horribly sick feeling we’re going to see another MP murdered; anna soubry had to have police protection after yet again receiving a death threat. Cameron has split this country right down the middle and i hope it fucking haunts him for the rest of his miserable life.


It won’t; he doesn’t give a shit. None of them do, or ever have.

Fuck guillotines, I want gibbets. Not only that, I want them gibbeted then fed with bread & water so they last. Then, then, a month or so in, I would stage a fake rescue, nurse them back to health whilst telling them they’re about to become the counter-revolutionary government-in-exile that will Save Us All. Then, with whole-body shudders of relish, put them back in their fucking gibbets.*

*Especially Ian Duncan Smith


It won’t, sociopaths literally do not care about things that do not effect them directly.

As a very wealthy person, he can easily avoid 99% of the fallout he caused :confused:


While email addresses are easy enough to set up, doing that in real time at high volume is less straightforward.

Additionally, while it is possible to buy lists of email addresses stolen in various data breaches on the black market, the owner of the list would still need to access those email accounts and retrieve the validation email before being able to sign in the name of somebody else.

Yes, well, many of those data breaches also included passwords.

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