Philippine president Duterte instructs his soldiers to shoot female rebels in their vagina


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“Grab 'em by the pussy” was never innocent banter.


Thank goodness that could never happen here.


This is so depressing. And horrifying. It’s horrifying as it’s a credible threat of violence intended to silence dissent and oppress women. It’s depressing because it’s out there and has already polluted our discourse and normalised horrifying threats of violence towards women.


Disgusting. Toxic masculinity is really a sine qua non for right-wing populism.

Tired of swinging dicks

DT loves this guy even more now.


He’s probably pissed that he didn’t think of this himself.


I don’t know that his busy schedule allows him any time to think much at all really.


The size of Duterte’s dick…



Never have I had a more intense wish to be able to make people’s balls explode with my mind.


This makes me so damn sad.


With those tiny hands…



Srsly though, this guy is vermin. And by that, I don’t mean he should be tortured to death or any of the other stuff that comes so easily to mind. I mean that, like a mouse in your apartment, he is an entity with the right to live, but everything about his presence is a foul insult, and it’s a priority to get rid of him, erase his despicable doings, and ensure his kind do not return.

(I avoid mentioning whether I mean Turmp or Duterte, because it’s a time-wasting fallacy to pretend there are meaningful differences of degree here)


That’s an insult to vermin every where.


Humans haven’t really changed in the last million years.



Far-right types everywhere knew it wasn’t.


Taking one-upmanship to a new level. Grab 'em by the pussy, eh? Well, I shoot them in the pussy. How you like dem apples?


And coincidently, Donnie’s little brain