Philippines president Duterte says God threatened to crash his plane if he didn't stop swearing


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So, just in case the paramilitary death squads and extravagant promises of mass slaughter didn’t express my commitment to sound governance; I’m now taking advice from voices in my head…

He just keeps on keeping it classy.


Brave enough to face God’s wrath for killing lots of people, but won’t face him down over a swear word or two?



What are the symptoms of schizophrenia again?


Looking at the righteous right, it would seem that The Big Guy is OK with killing, as long as His followers are the ones doing it, but words can be dangerous if abused.


That wasn’t God. God doesn’t want people messing with his name, but he has no problem with the rest of the “epithets.” In fact, the New Testament has quite a few, although they’re rarely translated accurately.

Also, I suspect God would have brought the plane down.


Ah - I get it now! I hadn’t figured God to be a right-wing gun nut, but hey - learn something new every day!


It’s a classic religious mindset. Slaughter the infidels and apostates and pile them on a big heap and let them rot in the sun and piss on the heap, god loves it. But he will smite you if you abuse his name. But hey, if it worked for the Canaanites, it will work for the Philippines, right? I mean, have you looked at the Canaanites recently? They are really getting things done.


At least this guy isn’t running for US president.
I have that at least to brighten my day.


Hey, at least you don’t seem many Canaanite drug addicts and criminals around these days!


Sad to say, but I think a lot of the world would look at the American Left as being the same. We spend a lot of time focused on insensitivity and critiquing how we address one another, and remain woefully silent about all the bombs we and our “allies” are dropping on people around the world.


But he is president of a country of 100 milion citizens, and that thought does not brighten my day.


And there’s stuff like thus too:





Hates Obama?
Talks to God?
I think we’ve found our republican presidential candidate for 2020.


Think of a “swear jar” but instead of money it’s filled with burning wreckage and the bodies of innocent children.


So not like pop’s swear jar:


I think he should have nuclear weapons.

Ohh, wait, wrong thread


Dammit God, you couldn’t finish the job! What are we paying you for!