Philippine president Duterte instructs his soldiers to shoot female rebels in their vagina

Far-right types everywhere knew it wasn’t.


Taking one-upmanship to a new level. Grab 'em by the pussy, eh? Well, I shoot them in the pussy. How you like dem apples?

And coincidently, Donnie’s little brain


The rebels should counter with “that’s ok. We’re training our female snipers to aim for your dicks”…

I think the intimidation vote would go to the rebels in this particular case.


Considering what Abu Sayyaf (aka, ISIL Philippines Province) is you’d think it would be hard for anyone opposing them to be criticized. Enemy of my enemy and all that. All you can say are things likely to get your post deleted.

You’re in the wrong place if you think glorifying violence (regardless of source) is going to be a thing here.


Maxim 29:
The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.


Putinism version:
The enemy of my enemy is a useful idiot.


It’s funny you mention this. When I re-took the Political Compass quiz one of the agree/disagree questions was something like “I think the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I knew immediately it was screening for authoritarian dimwits.


On that “enemy of my enemy” thing…

Y’all remember when America was supposedly allied with the Kurds? Y’all noticed what the US-backed Turkish army is doing in Kurdistan right now?


Hope you don’t think I was glorifying violence. What I mean by things likely to get my comment deleted is a string of obscenities about Duterte’s stupidity (jeez that’s too mild to describe the guy’s words and actions).
In so far as enemy of my enemy, yeah I think we should support the people of democratic nations who are being victimized by the implacable blood thirsty supporters of a insane theocratic form of government.

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Funny I took the same quiz, gave yes for an answer and came out well into the left libertarian quadrant. Maybe it is because I’m Canadian and I can support someone I mostly like against someone I dislike without getting into a fight or war.

Are you saying that Duterte is someone you “mostly like”?

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Good God NO! Generic someones, in this case the people of the Philippines vs ISIL Philippines Province. Shame they chose a ****** to represent them.

What about the enemy of your enemy’s enemy’s enemy? Or the enemy of your enemy’s enemy’s enemy’s enemy’s enemy? Is it like a six degrees of Kevin Bacon thing, just with pussy shooting?

Amusing but I’m not up to multiple enemy calculation. Another time perhaps.
Probably should have just said, the pussy shooter and murder inciter is screwing over his constituents, the victims of a pack of psycho terrorists. The Philippine people should have our sympathy for the crap storm coming their way.

Good to hear. Starting to see why someone who agrees that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” might end up being “friends” with authoritarian thugs, perhaps gaining a point or so more than you’d want on the Y axis of the political compass? The U.S. has gained something of a reputation for supporting authoritarian regimes by subscribing to that viewpoint (sadly, Canada isn’t exempt: see the sale of LAVs to the House of Saud).

Better to start with @MarcVader’s maxim above and then spend time identifying real friends with real shared values who might also be allies against common enemies.

Don’t really think about where I am on a political spectrum. In my youth I came out as a far left anarchist. I think these tests say as much about the authors as the testies (an inadvertent on topic homage to a previous poster’s reference to other forms of crotch shooting).
Now I just try to be pragmatic. As much as I’d like these far right demagogues (and for that matter most of the 1%) to just go away, they won’t.

Jeez I’ve become paranoid that everything I say will give offense. Not really a criticism of the testers more recognition that it is near impossible to write one of these tests without including your bias. Trying to get a particular result is something I save for pre-employment testing.

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