Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte says "beautiful women" are to blame for rape crisis

This kind of “reasoning” is also why I think it is wrong to remark on someone as having a “punchable face”. Both are excuses for why it’s the victim’s fault for being a desirable target for violence.


Good Christ. These are some of the humans ‘in charge’. I’ve got a kid who, should there still be institutes of higher learning, will be among the class of 2031. It used to sound like a sci-fi future time, that felt like it would never be real. Now, I have grave concerns that it never will be a real point in the human timeline.


This is one of Dolt 45’s BFFs and role models.


Kinda mouthy for a guy who’s going to end up hiding in a spider hole - if he’s lucky.

No C-130 to Hawaii in his future.


Also compared himself, approvingly, to Hitler.

And has just arrived in Israel, for a friendly meeting with Netanyahu.


Du-turde. That has a nice ring to it.


This shouldn’t be that shocking, disgusting but not shocking. One of the first incidents that put him in the international spotlight was pro-rape commentary. The next incident after that was mocking and downplaying the rape of his own daughter So, yeah pro-rape and genocide, I get why the orange one is a fan.

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