Philly TSA supervisor Charles Kieser sent a traveller to jail for asking to file a complaint

Erp, sarcasm inception loop or genuinely asking?

If genuine - the sarcasm is that they never get punished.

If sarcasm on sarcasm, erm, go ahead, sarc away!

Them not getting punished is so lame. I’m sure their superior officer will make them do paperwork as a hand slap. They should be fired prosecuted and flagged as an ex-felon and to be accosted/searched by the TSA every time they travel. After a few “example” are made, one would hope they wouldn’t lie about unjustly detaining citizens.

It was a genuine question.
And I am genuinely stupid.

What about, for starters, sneaking their name to the no-fly list?

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I think that you are supposed to sue the money. It may also be that the TSA employee and the officers are acting as agents of their respective agencies and cannot be easily sued, though I am not a lawyer and possibly have no idea what I am talking about.


True, but they can be black-bagged, chastised, and thrown into the bushes before their morning coffee!

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Your new superhero name is “Citizen Justice”!
…and J. Jonah Jameson will condemn your vigilante tactics.

That’s quite a title to live up to! Instead of the activity of one person, I’d rather it become a popular effort. That’s what amazes me about oppression by elites - there are so many more concerned citizens, but 99% of them just complain to these same oppressors - as if they didn’t know they were being unfair in the first place! Has explaining this to bullies ever helped?

Should be good for a larf. I’ll condemn his smoking in the workplace and tease him over his toothbrush moustache. Assuming he still affects those things.

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Sure, you can sue anyone.

The problem is that this shit happens and then people now see the chance for a big pay out.

If people were less greedy and actually went after the idiots that caused the problem, instead of their rich department, other workers would notice and realise that THEY might be sued and lose their house/pension…

The TSA and Police are a hydras… don’t attack the body, chop off some heads.

That’s why I suggest suing both.

The organization with big coffins for the money.
Then use some of the money to lawyer up and go after the physical culprit.

May need a different analogy? Cutting the Lernaean Hydra’s head off had the opposite effect to the one we’re seeking.


Not really.

You’re working on the assumption that you can defeat the unconstitutional power of the TSA and the Police by suing and defeating the whole organisation. You can’t.

These organisations are made up of individuals, ordinary humans, who continue to abuse their power because the organisation protects them. But if the people that work there start having their actions questioned in court, and actually stand to lose something personal (their job, money, pension), their colleagues will notice and some should modify their behaviour.

The aim shouldn’t be to kill the Hyras that are the TSA and the Police but to tame them, and turn everyone who works there back into a public servant rather than the little hitlers we currently have.

We need a fund that sues these people and DOESN’T settle out of court…

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I’m not disputing your thesis. I agree with it and welcome your opposition to those who exercise unconstitutional power. I also agree that the strategy has power. The US is using a similar strategy against whistleblowers, making a small number personally responsible and destroying them to discourage anyone else who is tempted to do the same. And what’s sauce for the goose:wink:

I’m just making the point that —in the Greek legend from which the term Hydra originates— cutting off a head of the monster only results in two more growing back. Which isn’t the point you’re trying to make.

So when you phrase your opposition as:

Then you have an analogy fail, particularly if ever you talk to someone who knows a bit of Greek Classics. You could really stretch the point by saying that Heracles had to both cut off the heads and poison (footnote!) their stumps to finally kill the Hydra, but how common is that knowledge?

I’m trying to be helpful is all.

Footnote. Poison or burn, depending on your source text.

This offers an unorthodox strategy: get the adversary to grow so many heads that it becomes front-heavy and the heads are immobilized by their sheer number. Then use your superior mobility to gain tactical advantage.

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That would provide a particularly target rich environment …

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OK, at the risk of over-complicating my Greek mythology…

The TSA/Police Hydra has a hundred thousand heads…

Chop off a hydra’s head in the court (sue), and burn it (take the money) so it can’t regrow… The other heads will start to notice and decide to leave you alone…

Better?? :stuck_out_tongue:


A related strategy has been explored in detail by the creator of the comic The Order of the Stick.

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