Phone booths in NYC turned into co-working spaces by prankster group


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Laugh now, but that’s where we’re headed…


I could see trying it out for a day, if the weather’s nice, but the noise of New York traffic!


i don’t see how they were able to change out the posters and other things without a cop walking by and asking them wtf they thought they were doing.


And the smell…


This is basically already a thing here in London.

See here:
And here:


You still have phone booths?


black or white…?




I’ve been sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk with my laptop. It’s more “disruptive.”

They’re wearing reflective vests. You can get away with anything while wearing reflective vests.


In my experience, there are plenty of folks who do their business in NYC phone booths.


Interior cameras and AI sex detectors might stop that.


Well, for some things you also need a clipboard.


I’m afraid I’m not sufficiently corporate woke to get what cowork spaces are. I mean… I read the Wikipedia article, I get understand the concept. I just don’t get it. It just sounds like a coffee shop with guaranteed outlets for your laptop.


High-viz vests make you completely invisible!

A two-way radio, Motorola brand preferred, is also a very useful accessory for this sort of thing.


About 100,000 are left, down from 2 million in 1999. 20,000 of those remaining are in NYC.

The major carrier have all bailed on them, so those which remain are owned and operated by about a thousand different local companies. Occasionally you see them in remote national parks where mobile phone service is unreliable or nonexistent.



Some people just don’t get along very well with themselves. And/or need a clean geographical break between work and non-work life.

If there was one down the street on my block, so I could easily walk there and back whenever, even in bad weather, I might consider it. But otherwise it’s just not worth it to me. I get along well with myself, and the convenience of commuting from my bedroom to my office in my jammies outweighs the benefits of a geographical break that would require actual travel.


So, this is… satire? Help me out here, because it doesn’t seem that far-fetched. I mean, give me some noise cancelling headphones and a homeless bodyguard to chase off the pickpockets and I’m sold.


…and a confident wave.