Photochrome: keyword-generated impressionistic color palettes


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Huh. The truth about the palettes of the Impressionists was that they were very bright, very bold. The delicacy was in the brush strokes, not the colours.


Yeah, the suggested color palettes seem pretty useless and dull, actually. I agree–not impressionist at all.


I typed in Tommy Cooper, James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart all with no result. And it calls itself Impressionist. :frowning:


This would be great if it were connected to a database that was widespread, accounting for broad sampling of images. As it is, most of the words I type in it doesn’t have any images for. Really cool idea though.


I tried ‘calico’ and it found nothing, then prompted me to sign in or link to FB or create an account to add a picture tagged ‘calico’. I gave up.


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