Photos: Comparing the iPhone 6 camera to previous iPhone cameras


The low light was really the only one that impressed me (comparing between the iPhone 5, which I have, and the 6). The rest of the shots didn’t seem like all that much of a difference, considering it’s been 2 years between the two.

You forgot that the new iPhone 6 is the only one that can take a picture of itself WITHOUT a mirror. Just fold the phone until the camera is pointed at the lower part of the phone’s case! :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at the portrait and the macro ones again closely. They are WAY better on the 6.
The backlit one is impressive, too. No real difference in real world for daylight snapshots, but they’re good.
I have a 6 and haven’t had that much time to mess with pictures yet, but what I have taken are awesome.
Not giving up my D7000 yet, but one day… :smile:

The only differences in quality appear between the first two or three pics and the rest. It’s not a camera, its a device with a camera attached to it.

A digital camera is nothing but an embedded computer with a camera (defined as optics+image sensor, to maintain the definition consistent with the phone example) attached to it. At least these days.

Actually, I meant to add that the backlit one wasn’t too bad as well. On the 100% macro shot, there is more detail on the stem, but it’s hard to really compare because the exposures are so different. And actually, I don’t think I looked at the full version of the portrait shots between the 5 and 6, only the 100%, where the difference isn’t quiet as dramatic as the overall shot. And that is quite a bit better. But really, for me, my biggest complaint with camera phones in general is the low light performance, and the new iPhone is pretty damn impressive in that area.

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