Photos from the Body Farm


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“The Body Farm? The BODY FARM!? You told me you were going to take me some place nice this time.”

“What I thought you loved The Body Farm?”

“We go there every night. Take me some place special!”


That’s got’a smell nice on a hot day.


The Body Farm AKA the strip club by the municipal airport.


When Mr. Jilly and I were in grad school at the University of Tennessee, I was complaining that we didn’t have any money and never did anything fun. He suggested we drive out to the body farm there.


“You might be the King or a little street sweeper but sooner or later you’ll dance with the reaper”


I want to donate my body there after I die. No joke.


Zero stars. Will not visit again. The scented candles smell awful! Nothing like The Body Shop!


Mary Roach wrote about a visit there for her book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Basically the smell never leaves the clothes of the people who work there.


Do I recall correctly from that book that due to our modern diets, human bodies don’t decay at the same rate that they used to?





I was just thinking that (perhaps in the Scarfolk version) one would eventually expect something along the lines of, “This is the corpse of a man who ate nothing but vegan organic food his entire life, and this is the corpse of a man who ate meat and GMOs and Coca-Cola. Look at how dead they are!”


Sally Mann, What remains. Need I say more?


Seriously, you can’t promote this work without acknowledging Sally Mann’s projects at the body farm. Poetry like hers shouldn’t be unrecognized or uncredited.




I do believe those to be near-infrared photographs.


I agree. her hair is a MESS.

the lying person though. I see a great career in modeling. who said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? some model? or designer?


(Edit: Kate Moss)


Me too!